I am a SAHM of two and I have a great passion to write. I loved to write even from the time when I was very young. I used to score As for my essay writing in school. I used to send articles I had written to newspapers and magazines and got a thrill when they were published. I enjoy writing slogans for contests and winning (I have won quite a few) and I used to enjoy writing very long letters before email came along (Now I write long emails).

At work I was once involved in organising conferences and seminars and that was great because it involved a lot of copywriting work too. (writing brochures on various subjects and topics to convince attendees to attend an event). I enjoyed that part of the job the best. Then I became a stockbroker which didn’t require me to write at all so its no surprise why I am now a SAHM and I blog for a living. Lol!

I blog for the love of it ie for the love of writing and I’m here to stay in blogosphere for a loooooong time.

I believe that a blog is like your cyber real estate or home. Blogging is not only about writing. When you have a blog you must take care of it. You must tend it with care and love and nurture it so that it grows and appreciates in value. You must take care of it too ie prune the hedges, pull out the weeds (or do your necessary administrative work to improve ie what I call your blog housekeeping, this part I dislike) or change its clothes every now and then (your blog template or look, I am woman and I am vain!), then you must water it so that it will flower (update your blog regularly) and fill it with juice or good content so that the search engines will find you.

I have several blogs to satisfy my different split personalities. Lol! Visit the “Blogs I Write” page to find out about the blogs that I write and maintain on a regular basis (I do nurture, tender to, prune, and water these blogs frequently). Thank you so much for visiting.