Banana Mom’s Guide To Preparing For Chinese School


Banana Mom’s Guide To Preparing For Chinese School is currently available as an ebook for Malaysian parents. Priced at just RM9.90 it is great value for the information you need can now be found in one book. You don’t have to go searching in forums, blogs or facebook for answers to your questions on choosing, preparing and starting your child in Chinese primary school in Malaysia. Are you making the right decision? What can you expect? How should you prepare your child? All this and more are addressed in this ebook.


  • You don’t speak Chinese but you are thinking of sending your child to Chinese school
  • You are undecided on which primary school to send your child to
  • You want to send your child to Chinese school but your spouse favours other schools
  • You want to send your child to National or Kebangsaan school but your spouse prefers Chinese school
  • Your child is going to attend Chinese primary school in the next one or two years
  • Your child is still young but you want to prepare yourself and know what to expect for the next exciting phase in parenting ie. “the primary school years”

1.   About Banana Mom
– Why Banana Mom Wrote This Book And Who It Is For

2.   Banana Mom Searches For A Kindergarten

3.   Banana Mom’s Guide On Choosing A Preschool
– Banana Mom’s Mini Guide For Parents Who Are Choosing A Preschool For Their Kids

4.   Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, SJK, SJKC, Pte, Int’l or Homeschool
– Banana Mom’s Mini Guide For Parents Who Are Choosing A Primary School For Their Kids
– Registering For Standard One
– Banana Mom’s Mini Shopping Guide For Starting School

5.   Banana Mom Sends Her Children To Chinese School
– Why Chinese School?
– Why National Schools?

6.   Orientation And Starting Primary School
– First Week Of School
– Banana Mom’s Tips For Banishing First Day Blues (10 Tips For A No Tears First Day For Kids)
– First Day Of School – Tips For Parents (8 Tips For A No Stress First Day For Parents)
– Pocket Money And Recess
– School Safety Tips For Kids

7.   School Bags And School Timetable
– Trolley Bags, Backpacks or Hand Carry Bags?
– Sample Timetable Of A Std One Student In A Kebangsaan School (Year 2013)
– Sample Timetable Of A Std Two Student In A Private School (Year 2013)
– KBSR & KSSR (KSSR Tahap 1 Subjects & KSSR Tahap 2 Subjects)
– Packing School Bags
– Extra Co-curriculum Activities – What To Expect

8.   Dispelling Misconceptions About Chinese School

9.   Homework And Exams – What To Expect
– Helping Your Child With Homework
– Top 10 Tips For Helping Your Child With Revision And Tests

10. You And Your Child’s Teacher
– The First Parent Teacher Conference – How To Make The Most Of It

11. Surviving Chinese School Without Tuition
– Important Study Aids And Reference Guides
– Banana Mom’s Guide to Choosing a Good Electronic Dictionary
– Chinese Dictionary Apps You Can Download
– Banana Mom’s Favorite List Of Publishers For Educational Children’s Books in Malaysia
– Banana Mom’s Quick Tips For Buying Workbooks
– “I Do Not Know Chinese But I Am Sending My Child To Chinese School. Will He Need Extra Tuition?”
– “My Child Hates Learning Chinese. My Child Hates Chinese School. What Do I Do?”

12. United We Stand, Divided We Fall
– (This chapter is about dealing with differences of opinion with spouse when it comes to education)

13. Primary School Students And The Social Media
– What Is The Best Age For My Child To Open A Facebook Account
– Facebook Safety And Usage Rules For Kids
– When Should My Child Have His Own Laptop?
– Banana Mom’s iPad Usage Rules

14. Life As A Parent Of A Primary School Student
– Top Organization Tips For Primary School Parents

15. To Secondary School And Above Beyond

16. Online Resources For Parents Of Primary School Students


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Book Synopsis:

Are you a parent searching for a primary school for your child? Are you faced with the dilemma of which school to send your child to? Are you thinking of sending your child to Chinese school but you don’t speak Chinese at home? Now you don’t have to turn to forums or blogs for answers to your dilemma.

You can find the answers right here in this book. From choosing preschools to choosing primary schools. You will receive practical tips and know what to expect on orientation day and first day of school. Primary School Registration Procedures, School syllabus, Homework, Exams, Tuition, Dealing With Teachers. All this and more are covered in this book including How to Handle Differences In Parenting Styles with your spouse and the challenges you will face raising kids in the digital age.

Everything you need to know about the challenges you will face as a parent to a primary school student, the next most important parenting stage you will face is here.

Written by a parent for parents. The author is a self published author and a parenting blogger for over 10 years. She maintains 5 blogs regularly. She also runs a facebook group called Malaysian Primary School Parents on Facebook where she discusses school issues with parents daily. She likes to write poetry in her spare time when she is not busy teaching her two primary school kids.

Author’s Vision: For The Book

In 2007 when I was searching for a school for my child, there were no books to guide me. I had to take to forums and blogs to find answers. I run a group on Facebook group called Malaysian Primary School Parents On Facebook where parents talk on a daily basis about school issues. The parents are asking the very same questions I was asking in 2007.

I find that there are few reference books in Malaysia written by parents for parents. I think that a good local parenting book is missing in our book stores and will be much more relevant for local parents. I hope to provide this with my book.

I have written my book with a local flavour in the light hearted manner of a diary that includes practical advice.. It is skewed towards a Chinese primary school as a final choice because I am writing from experience and because many English speaking families are faced with this dilemma today.

Why the term Banana Mom?  Banana Mom is often used to describe a Chinese woman who is illiterate in Mandarin but who sends her children to learn Chinese in a Chinese school. However, this book is useful for all moms or dads who are thinking of sending their children to Chinese school and not limited to only Chinese parents.

About the Author: 

Mimi Koay is the author of Mother, Wife, Myself a collection of poems about How To Find Yourself After Becoming A Mother and Wife and I Didn’t Know Breastfeeding Would Be So Hard which she wrote to share her difficulties with breastfeeding her children..

She is a blogger for 10 years and a Squidoo Lensmaster. She writes and maintains 5 blogs regularly and is an active member at Squidoo. She blogs on parenting issues, motherhood, kids crafts, house and home and health.

She also runs a group Malaysian Primary School Parents On Facebook where she discusses parenting issues with parents on a daily basis.

She hopes that all parents will enjoy their child’s primary school years because these are important growing years which shape their child. The primary school years is an exciting new parenting chapter for all parents.

Children grow up so fast. While we want to work hard to give them a better future, we must remember to be there for them now.

Sample Chapter Banana Mom’s Guide To Preparing For Chinese School


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