Durian Mooncake 2019

I have this craving for durians because no one in my family loves it like I do. I couldn’t possibly eat durians on my own so every durian season I would watch durian come and durian go on social media unfolding before my very eyes without touching even one.

So, to my delight I won a musang king durian mooncake recently. That ought to still my cravings for a while.

Not too long ago, I joined a giveaway by Paybats (@iBATSmy). Paybats offers payment solution for companies and in conjuction with the Mid Autumn Festival, they were running a giveaway campaign with 30 boxes of durian mooncake to giveaway!

iBATS Mid-Autumn Contest

I was really happy to be named one of the winners. Yay!

I won consolation prize of a box of durian mooncake

I soon received an evoucher to collect a box of mooncake as shown in the picture. RM108, that is the price of the box of 4 mooncakes.

My evoucher looks good enough to eat!

The evoucher is from Chi Liu Xiang Durian Dessert shop which does all kinds of durian confectionary. So that’s how I got to satisfy my durian craving.

I love the baby blue packaging. Its really sweet and pretty. So are the durian mooncakes.

Durian Mooncake successfully redeemed

The flower pattern from the durian mold was also very nice.

Four mooncakes in a box
There were two flower designs. This one is rose.

What about the durian mooncake? Well, it was yummy. Deliciously melt in the mouth, so soft, I wonder how they molded it into this shape. Recently I tried a mouthful of durian mooncake from a famous Chinese restaurant but it was not as good as this. That one was frozen, hard and the durian was more like ice-cream rather than durian. It did not retain the softness like this one did.

Yummy, soft, melt in the mouth musang king durian mooncake

When I was rushing out to collect this mooncake, I received notification that I had won another mooncake set! More about that in coming post!

Cafe Art by Aik Cheong

Yesterday morning I received notification that I had won an Aik Cheong Coffee RM50 Gift Box. In the afternoon, I received a message from Aik Cheong with the shipping tracking code. Today, I received the gift pack. Wow! How efficient! You gotta love them! Just like you love coffee!

The courier came with a big package and I was really curious to know what’s inside.

Aik Cheong Gift Box

Let’s see. There’s a Kopi-O coffee mixture bag. This is like the kind of kopi that we used to brew at home or those you find in the kedai kopi type. It has a different type of aroma and taste compared to white coffee. There’s also the 3-in-1 white coffee original and the 4-in-1 white coffee with hazelnut flavour. Yum. Yum.

Aik Cheong Merdeka 2019 Contest

Oh, and I like this best. The Aik Cheong Cafe Art Variety Pack made up of chocolate, latte, cappuccino and matcha satchets. That’s so cute. It will make a very nice gift for friends, relatives and colleagues who love drinking coffee. I have two sisters who can’t stop drinking coffee. Going to open up all this and distribute some to the both of them as a surprise. I love receiving surprises and giving surprises too. Thank you Aik Cheong, for making this possible.

Aik Cheong Cafe Art Variety Pack

Domino’s Pizza for Tea

Dominos Pizza with Cheese Dip

Complete the slogan (Pij-ja Ssamjeang sangat drama kerana… ) and win a mystery gift was what it said in the contest post by Domino’s. We were also required to find 5 differences in the picture below. That wasn’t too hard and quite fun too but …. the since the contest was in Malay, I felt compelled to write a Malay entry and well, I didn’t do very well in Malay in school….

Anyway, this was the slogan I came up with.
“Pij-ja Ssamjeang sangat drama kerana ia bagus dinikmati bila menonton drama Korea jadi bila menangis semasa menonton drama boleh menyalahkan Pij-ja yang menyebabkan tangisan bukan drama. Ini alasan yang paling baik kerana di rumah kami, bila menangis semasa menonton wayang akan diusik sekeluarga tak henti-henti. ?

The mystery gift turned out to be a free regular pizza code credited to my online Domino’s account which has a 30 day expiry period and valid with another purchase of another item. I bought cheese dip at RM0.50.

So the whole family enjoyed a free regular pizza for tea today with yummilicious cheese dip, all for only RM0.50. Now, that is surely something to be happy about.

We are regular Domino’s pizza customers and our order is always the same. Two regular pizzas and one fabulous four. What about you?

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask For Relaxation

My eye has been feeling very itchy and tired so I was very happy to see today’s delivery of MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask. I won this eye mask in a “Can you spot our MegRhythm Eye Mask” contest on Facebook. Fortunately it was not too hard to spot, otherwise I will really need to put on an eye mask after the contest.

MegRhythm Eye Mask is from Kao Laurier. The mask uses a patented self warming technology that gently steams the eye area when worn. I can’t wait to try it. I’m going to try it as soon as I find 10 minutes to put it on, that’s all the time you need, 10 minutes to relaxation. Sounds good to me.

I received 5 pieces in the Rose variant. There are 5 variants all together, unscented, Fresh Rose, Lavender-sage, Chamomile Ginger and Yuzu aroma.

Sample Request: There is a sample request page on their website. I am not sure whether this is still ongoing but the form is not locked and there is no indication that this is over so you can give it a try. Try to get 1 piece free trial sample here.

A Surprise MegRhythm Mug! I also received a mug in my package. What a lovely surprise. It says #relaxforbetteridea and it has the words good luck on it along with an image of the Maneki Neko, the beckoning cat or Lucky Cat. Hopefully this brings me more good luck to win more giveaways!

Thank you to MegRhythm and Kao Laurier for these lovely prizes.

3Ms – Mooncake Pastes, Massager and Movie Merchandise

I received 3 prizes today. They all start with the letter “M”

  • Mooncake Paste
  • Movie Merchandise
  • Massager

With that I would have gotten most of the pending prizes. Oh wait a minutes. there’s also

  • Meg Rhythm Eye Mask
  • M&M‘s Movie Tickets
  • Signature Market Trail Mix

Lots of Ms. Mmmmm

First, I went to collect the Aladdin Movie Merchandise which I won from the Popular May 2019 – Movie Focus Contest for Aladdin the Movie. There were a few prizes displayed in the magazine so I was really curious which I will get, the cap or notebook or the little cute Aladdin lamp keychain? I got the T-Shirt and the mouse pad.

That’s good. I don’t have a mouse pad and have been using an old diary as one and t-shirts are always welcome. This one does not shout out “Movie Merchandise” as the design is subtle, even the Aladdin words at the back of the T-shirt is small and just near the collar, when the hair is let down, you don’t see it. I prefer that compared to a whole t-shirt splattered with the movie graphics as though you are a walking poster.

When I got home the courier arrived with a package. It was the 3-D Massager from Hero Healthcare. I’ve always been curious about one of these because its supposed to promote blood circulation, skin tightening and body shaping. I thought these were supposed to be for massaging the face but apparently you can massage your arms, chest, waist and even legs with it.

I was one of the 2nd week winners. The contest is still ongoing at the time of my writing this and another 10 winners will be selected on 29th August 2019. You can join the contest here.

Then just as I returned from buying food, the courier came again, with more food! Actually, its mooncake paste from Lessie Food Industries. I won the Belgium Choco Lotus Paste. You can follow their Facebook page to see if you can win a mooncake paste too by joining one of their mooncake paste contests.

Below is my entry for the contest which pretty much sums up what Lessie Food Industries is all about. You can visit their website here to find out what other types of mooncake pastes they have plus view the other products they carry.

Lessie Food Industries does

“L = LOTUS paste in so many varieties – Belgium Choco Lotus, Pure Lotus, Pandan Lotus, Tiramisu Lotus, Black Sesame Lotus – you can find them all at Lessie. 
E = EQUIPMENT used at Lessie is modern to produce the highest quality product to customers 
S = SO many years track record – 10 years in the business
S = SO many products – mooncakes, shanghai mooncakes and cookies in all sorts of flavours plus more than 30 pastes flavours for mooncakes, buns, dumplings, filling and pancakes, macaroons and cakes.
I = INGREDIENTS are natural without preservatives, chemicals and food additives
E =EXQUISITE and delicious mooncake paste, flour mix and baked ingredients supplier, that sums up what LESSIE is all about.”

I’m thankful to be able to try these products. Sometimes people tell me “Wow you are so lucky”. Well, its only a small percentage of luck and a bigger percentage of work. You have to do some research too. For example in the above contest, if you click through to the webpage and compare it with my answers, you will see that I have made an effort to find out about the organizer and try to match my writing to describe them in the best and most accurate way possible.

If you are interested to know about more giveaways and contests in Malaysia, you can join our Facebook group here: Share Your Malaysia Bargains, Contests and Recommendations

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