Christmas Poinsettia Decorations

What’s Christmas without poinsettias? This post shows you how you can decorate your home with poinsettia garlands, poinsettia trees, poinsettia Christmas tree decorations and more.

Christmas Poinsetta Decorations

Legend has it about how a poor child in Mexico who had nothing to give the Christ Child on His birthday, gathered some weeds from the roadside and when presented to baby Jesus, the weeds miraculously transformed into bright red star shaped blooms, the flowers that we call Poinsettia today.

The poinsettia reminds us that when you give a gift to someone, it doesn’t have to be the best or the most expensive it just has to come from the heart. “Even the most humble gift, if given in love, will be acceptable in His eyes.”

Today, the poinsettia continues to be widely used in Christmas decorations. This lens features some lovely ways to bring poinsettia and the magic of Christmas into your homes in various was with different kinds of Christmas Poinsettia Decorations. Enjoy.

The Meaning Of Poinsettia

“Even the most humble gift, if given in love, will be acceptable in His eyes.”

Poinsettia Flower Ornaments – Decorate Your Trees With Brilliant Red Poinsettia Flower Ornaments

(Pack of 12) Red Glitter Poinsettia Christmas Tree Ornaments BUY NOW!

Depending on what color theme you choose for Christmas this year, you can include poinsettia flower ornaments as part of your Christmas tree decorations. The red petals of the poinsettia will accent any tree. If you prefer, you can select ivory poinsettias instead of red ones.

Poinsettias go well with any color theme but especially for red and gold.

Merry Christmas Poinsettia Tapestry Table Runner. – Adding Some Poinsettia Table Runner To A Table In Your House Is A Simple Way To Decorate For Christmas

Manual Woodworkers Merry Christmas Tapestry Poinsettia Table Runner by Sandy Clough BUY NOW!

The bright Poinsettia Blooms on this Merry Christmas Poinsettia Tapestry Table Runner are Accented with Holiday Red and Green.

In addition to table runners, you can also get Merry Christmas Poinsettia Table cushions or pillows to quickly and easily decorate your home with Christmas Poinsettia decorations.

Poinsettia Christmas Tree Topper – Consider A Poinsettia Christmas Topper This Year Instead Of A Regular Star

16″ Traditional Burgundy Red Angel with Poinsettia Christmas Tree Topper – Unlit BUY NOW!

This Red and green Angel holding a poinsettia tree topper is a unique Christmas tree topper. It is certainly a change from the usual star or fairies you see atop a Christmas tree.

You can use this Angel with poinsettia Christmas topper whether you have poinsettia ornaments on your tree or otherwise.

Red Poinsettia Tree Skirt – A Red Poinsettia Treeskirt Is Perfect For Placing Presents

Kurt Adler Red/Green Poinsettia Scalloped Treeskirt, 48-Inch BUY NOW!

You can add a simple, festive touch to your Christmas tree and decor with this red poinsettia treeskirt. This is yet another way to decorate your home with Christmas Poinsettia Decorations. This red tree skirt will instantly brighten up your tree and the red won’t get lost but will instead act as accents when you place presents on it.

A tree skirt can change the look of your Christmas tree. You don’t have to use red felt with white trip all the time. There are many other options available for tree skirts.

Poinsettia Christmas Wreath – You Can Greet Your Guests With A Poinsettia Wreath At Your Front Door

Nearly Natural 4660 Poinsettia Wreath Holiday, 24-Inch BUY NOW!

This Poinsettia Christmas Wreath with poinsettia blooms, pine cones and berries will give your doorway to your home a magical Christmas feel and look. It is a lovely way to greet the visitors to your house and also yet another way to add to the Poinsettia Christmas theme.

Fill your home with the lovely Christmas colors of red and green with this poinsettia wreath starting at your door.

Illuminated Fiberglass Poinsettia Christmas Light – Poinsettia Christmas Decorations Can Also Be In The Form Of A Poinsettia Christmas Light

WalterDrake 10″ Lighted Poinsettia Hanging Basket BUY NOW!

One of the ways to immediately decorate your home is by using Christmas lights. This fun and festive red poinsettia simply plugs in for instant decorating!

Christmas Holiday Decorations is incomplete without Christmas Lights. Christmas lights is a quick and delightful way to decorate your home.

This Hanging Lighted Poinsettia basket looks like a cleverly arranged flower basket and is just right for your porch.

Poinsettia Plates – Poinsettia Dinnerware Is Another Fun Way To “Decorate” Your House For Christmas

Gibson – THE Christmas Boutique Royal Poinsettias Christmas Holidays 12 Piece Dinnerware BUY NOW!

This 12 piece set of Christmas dinnerware with poinsettia theme ought to make your holiday guests green with envy as you serve them your Christmas treats.

The fun part about having poinsettia dinnerware as your Christmas “Decorations” is you can keep them and take them out each year. It is a wonderful reminder that the holidays and festivities are here again and will bring forth lovely memories of your last Christmas.

Poinsettia Table Linens

Sam Hedaya Table Linens, 70″ Merry Poinsettia Round Tablecloth BUY NOW!

This 70″ Merry Poinsettia Round Tablecloth features precise cutwork and pretty embroidery plus festive gold glitter in easy to care polyester.

You can place your poinsettia dinnerware on your poinsettia table linens as added decoration. Alternatively, you can use poinsettia table runners or poinsettia table mats instead if you prefer.

A Poinsettia Theme Is Very Meaningful For Christmas

“No gift is too small if given from the heart” according to the poinsettia story or legend.

Swarovski Crystal #905212, Poinsettia Large Ornament BUY NOW!

Swarovski Crystal Poinsettia Large Ornament – You Can’t Go Wrong With Swarovski Crystal Ornaments And This Poinsettia Swarovski Ornament Is No Exception

Swarovski Cyrstals are beautiful. They add magic to your Christmas tree like little crystal falls of snow and snowflakes. Just have a look at this Swarovski 2012 Annual Edition Crystal Snowflake Ornament and I am sure you will agree with me about how magical the swarovski ornaments are.

The Swarovski Crystal Poinsettia is another unique crystal Christmas ornament just like the 2012 Crystal Snowflake.

Almost Natural Red Poinsettia Christmas Candleabrum – A Christmas Candleabrum with poinsettias Can Be Used As A Centerpiece For Your Christmas Table Decoration

Nearly Natural 4659 Hydrangea Holiday Candleabrum, Red/Green BUY NOW!

You can liven up your Christmas table top decor with this beautiful candleabrum which features artificial red poinsettias nestled in lush greenery. Silk Poinsettias are very realistic and you can find many options and variations available for your Christmas Poinsettia theme decor.

Red Poinsettia Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments – What’s A Christmas Tree Without Glass Ball Ornaments?

4ct Glittered Poinsettia Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments 3.25″ (80mm) BUY NOW!

Instead of getting plain glass ball ornaments, you can add these lovely red, gold and green Poinsettia design Christmas Ornament to complete your poinsettia theme Christmas Decoration.

Poinsettia Prints make this Christmas Ball Ornament stand out for uniquely than other

Christmas Ball Ornaments.

CRYSTAL WORLD “Poinsettia” – You Can Add Crystal Poinsettias In Other Ways In Addition To Christmas Tree Topper Or Christmas Tree Ornament


This dazzling crystal flower figurine is handcrafted from precisely cut, faceted crystal.

This brilliant crystal miniature will make a perfect gift for flower lovers, anyone who loves the Christmas holidays and for those who appreciate the beauty of finely crafted crystal.

They can enjoy swarovski poinsettias all year round and not only during Christmas although they are ideal as Christmas gifts.

Lighted Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree with Red Poinsettias – No Time To Put Up A Fancy Christmas Tree, Then Try A Lighted One With Multi Red Poinsettias

3′ Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree with Red Poinsettias – Multi BUY NOW!

This remarkable fiber optic tree features red velveteen poinsettia flowers that are accented with sparkling gold glitter. The tree has a clear double-sided star on the top that lights up along the edges of the star. Fiber optic colors include: red, green, blue and clear.

This is a quick and easy way to decorate and get into the Christmas mood. This ready made instant decorated fiber optic artificial tree is just right for bachelors or students who want to feel the magic of Christmas without too much effort. They are good for small spaces too.

Poinsettia Christmas Garland Indoor Outdoor Decoration – A Poinsettia Garland Can Be Added To Staircases And Fireplace Mantel To Make Them Pretty And Festive

Cordless Lighted Poinsettia Garland BUY NOW!

Poinsettia Garlands can be used for both indoor and outdoor as your Christmas patio decoration preferably a covered one as you don’t want the flowers to be too exposed to the elements.

They make any stairway handles or fire place come to life with a Christmas festive mood.

They are even easier to use as decorations if they come without messy cables.

Realistic Red Poinsettia Picks for Christmas Holiday Flower Arrangements – If You Are The Creative Type, You Can Get A Packet Of Poinsettia Picks To Make Your Own Floral Arrangement

Package of 24 Soft Touch Red Poinsettia Artificial Accent Picks for Christmas Holiday Flower Arrangements, Wreaths and Holiday Decorations [Kitchen] BUY NOW!

A package of 24 Realistic Soft Red Poinsettia Accent Picks can be used for holiday centerpieces, crafting, mantle decoration, Christmas Holiday Flower arrangements and more. It is all up to your own creativity.

Poinsettia Princess Christmas Ornament – Here Is Another Poinsettia Christmas Ornament That Is Unique And Can Be Given As A Gift

Patience Brewster Krinkles Poinsettia Princess Christmas Ornament BUY NOW!

This poinsettia princess will sit or hang very prettily on any Christmas tree and is very unique as a Christmas gift. The princess poinsettia ornament is accented with iridescent glitter making it very dazzling and stunning indeed.

This exclusive ornament is from the Krinkles Series by Patience Brewster. Artist Patience Brewster who created the Krinkles collection is the illustrator of over 30 books for children and adults.


8 Amazing Lighted Holographic Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Holographic Or Lighted Decorations Are Very Popular Christmas Decorations. This Post Showcases 10 Popular Lighted Holographic Christmas Decorations For Outdoor As Well As Indoor Use.

Image Credit: 3-Piece Glistening Striped Gift Box Lighted Christmas Yard Art Decoration Set

Lighted Holographic Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Through the clever use of lights, Christmas Decorations can now appear 3 dimensional in holographic lighted decoration. Holographic lighted Christmas decoration is a really cool way to decorate your home for the holidays. You can use lighted holographic Christmas for indoor as well as outdoor use. The focus of this lens is on lighted holographic decorations you can use for your outdoor Christmas decorations.

This post highlights 8 best holographic lights you can use for your outdoor Christmas decorations. These lights are rather popular and include holographic presents as you see here in this intro image, holographic train lights, lighted holographic Santa sleigh and more. I hope you find something amazing to decorate your home with this year. Holographic lights will surely make your neighbors stop and stare so do invest in a really interesting one that will be the talk of the neighborhood. Remember, your holographic light decoration is the central point of your Christmas decoration, so make it a good one.

8 Amazing Lighted Holographic Outdoor Christmas Decoration

1. 8.5′ Holographic Lighted 4-Piece Motion Train Set Christmas Yard Art – LIghted Holographic Christmas Train Is Very Popular And The Reason Is Clear. It Is Fab

NorthLight 8.5 ft. Holographic Lighted 4-Piece Motion Train Set Christmas Yard Art BUY NOW!

Here is a 4 piece holographic lighted train that measures 8.5 foot for your yard decoration. It comes pre-lit with 600 mini multi-color lights to create the holographic train image. You can change the light speed settings to steady, slow or chasing for the effect that you want.

Although this holographic train set is listed for both indoor and outdoor use, I think it will look better outdoors. The holographic Christmas train will stand out more outdoors against the darkness of the night.

2. 5 ft lighted SANTA and REINDEER set CHRISTMAS OUTDOOR DECORATION – The Lighted Holographic Santa Sleigh Is Another Popular And Sought After Christmas Outdoor

Christmas 5ft Lighted Holographic Santa Sleigh with Reindeer Yard Decoration with 150 Lights BUY NOW!

You will just have to stop and have a second look at this Santa Sleigh holographic lights. This vivid Santa Sleigh display will light up your neighborhood, in particularly your home with 100 lights.

You can illuminate the way to your house for all your visitors to your home this Christmas with this dazzling lighted holographic Santa Sleigh decoration

3. 42″ Holographic Lighted 3-Piece Christmas Nativity Set Yard Art Decoration – Lighted Holographic Nativity Set For Outdoor Display Reminds Us Of The Meaning Of Christmas

Fontanini by Roman Holy Family Lighted Yard Art 3-Piece 48-Inch BUY NOW!

This Holographic Lighted Nativity Yard Art Set comes in 3 pieces. The Christmas Nativity Holographic Light Decoration is pre-lit with mini lights and is 4 feet tall.

The design is pre-assembled, so it is very easy to put up. All you have to do is take out the pieces, unfold them and plug in.

4. Lighted Crystal 3-D Outdoor Christmas Flamingo Decoration – A Holographic Lighted Display Creates 3-D Imagery That Takes You Off To The Tropics During Christas

Fontanini by Roman Holy Family Lighted Yard Art 3-Piece 48-Inch BUY NOW!
Candy Cane Lane Pre-Lit 3D Sculpture Outdoor Christmas Flamingo (Set of 2) BUY NOW!

A 3-D Lighted Pair Or Christmas Flamingoes is a unique way to light up your yard or the outdoors. You can also use this holographic Christmas flamingo indoors if you like.

It comes with ground stakes for easy installation of this lighted Christmas Display for your visitors.

Sometimes less is more and in the case of this 3-D lighted Christmas decoration, the simplicity is what makes it stand out really brightly as an outdoor Christmas decor. With this Christmas decoration as your focal point, you can add more items easily without looking like you are being carried away or over zealous with your Christmas Outdoor decoration. It also adds a fun tropical theme to your decoration

5. Animated Holographic Santa Yard Sculpture with Lights – Make Your House The Center Of Attraction In Your Neighborhood With This Holographic Santa Lights

21″ Holographic Waving Santa 100 Light Xmas Silhouette Indoor Outdoor Window Christmas Lights BUY NOW!

Watch Santa dance wave to you in this cute waving Santa holographic Christmas Light Decoration.

Multicolored lights are used to create this 3-D image of a waving Santa. Lights can be adjusted to be Steady iluminating or optional flashing making it look like an animated waving 3-D santa.

At just 21 inches tall, this Santa Lights can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

6. 24″ Stacked Holographic Snowflake Present Lighted Christmas Yard Art Decoration – Lighted Christmas Presents Holographic Decorations

24″ Stacked Holographic Snowflake Present Lighted Christmas Yard Art Decoration BUY NOW!

This Christmas presents lighted holographic decoration is a dazzling display of Christmas presents in red, blue and green with a decorative bow on top of the presents accented with silver snowflakes. The holographic design which is made up of pre-lit 70 clear lights really makes the Christmas presents display stand out .

Lawn stakes are included for easy installation but do note that the Christmas presents come as it is and cannot be dismantled to display differently.

7. 24 Holographic Lawn Stake Pathway Markers Outdoor Christmas Decorations 30″ – This Christmas Cutout Lawn Stake Set Is Not A Lighted Holographic Display

I love this because I love variety. This mini holographic display is perfect for those who don’t want to put up a huge display.

You can still have a holographic decoration with this pack of 24 Pack of 24 Holographic Christmas Lawn Stakes.

This fun double sided holographic cutouts on metal stakes include waving Santa Clauses with sparkling silver trims, snowmen with dazzling silver and blue scarves, , silver and blue snowflakes and “Santa Stop Here!” stop signs.

Please note that these are not lights. The holographic display is created using sparkling silver holographic trim. They look better during the day or indoors.

8. Impact Innovations Lighted Red Holographic Bow Decoration 24 ” Red – This lighted Holographic Bow Would Look Great On Your Front Door

Impact Innovations Tinsel Bow 24″ Red BUY NOW!

This lighted holographic bow measures 24 inches. It includes 20 mini red lights.

This holographic bow lights will look great on front doors or against windows and matches well with lighted holographic presents and Christmas wreath lights.

Everything You Need To Make Cake Pops

Cake Pops are the latest, cutest cakes ever. This hub talks about everything you need to make cake pops, from molds to cake pop premixes and including cake pop decorations, cake pop stands and more.

cake pops
Image Credit: Cake Pops Made With Smart Planet Stuffed Cake Pop Maker From Amazon

Everything You Need To Make Cake Pops

I fell in love with cake pops the moment I laid eyes on them. Cake pops are the perfect party food. Kids love them. Even adults love them. These little finger foods called cake pops are great if you don’t want to eat a whole slice of cake. Just one pop will do.

This lens features all the things you need to make cake pops, from cake pop pans to cake pop decorations and cake pop mixes or an all in one cake pop making kit which includes everything, cake pop recipe books, cake pop blogs, cake pop pictures and more.

I hope you enjoy browsing and find something you like to make those amazing cake pops that will be the talk of your party. Why not make some fun Santa, Christmas tree or Snowman shaped cake pops for Christmas? Cake pops do not have to be all round as you will read below.

Smart Planet CPM-1 Stuffed Cake Pop Maker BUY NOW! Continue reading

Adult Couples Costume Set

10 Cute Ideas For Adult Couples Costume Set For Halloween is featured here. Sometimes when you’re in love, you just want to dress up as a pair with your other half. So check out the couples costumes.

Fun, Spooky Or Funny Couple Halloween Costume Sets That Come In A Bundle

Have you ever had any fights over what costume to wear as a couple? It can be quite a headache to decide what costume to wear as a couple but it is fun. To make costume decisions and costume buying easier, many brands now offer costume bundles for couples. You can buy couple costumes as a set. This is great if one half of the couple does not like to shop for costumes and prefers to leave the decision to his or her other half to decide. Or you can both have fun browsing to see what fun, funny or spooky couple costumes are available as sets.

Of course you can purchase costumes separately or individually, however I find it fun for couples to dress up as a pair and more economical and easier to purchase couple costumes as a set or bundle.

This hub features 10 couple costume sets. Some of the couple costume sets featured here are suitable for singles, boyfriends and girlfriends who are lovey dovey and want to show they are a part of a pair, some couple costumes are family friendly and can easily be turned into a themed family costume while some couple Halloween matching costumes are just downright hilarious and plain fun!

I hope you have fun browsing through these fun choices of couple costume sets for Halloween and remember, you don’t have to fight over what to wear as a couple. Here are lots of ideas to help you along. Happy Halloween!

Image Credit: Tooth Fairy and Tooth Costume from Amazon

1. Adult Adam And Eve Couple Halloween Costume Set – For The Adults Couples Costume Bundle, Lets Start From The Very Beginning…….

The Adam & Eve Adult Couple Costume Set is a fun way to dress up as a couple.

The costume comes in a pair of body tone or flesh colored jumpsuits, leaf headpieces as well as more leaves to cover up your vital *ahem* parts.

Two things to note:

1. Eve may need a Women’s Long Hair Wig to go with the costume.

2. This Adam & Eve Adult Costume Set is cheap but one size fits all so you have to be prepared to do some slight alterations of your own.

Adam and Eve 2 In 1 Bag, Nude Costume BUY NOW!

1. Adults Couples Halloween USB Port And Stick Costume Set – This Couples Costume Bundle Is Super For Geeky Couples

I love this one because I’m a geeky kind of gal.

This adult couples costume set includes one black tunic style dress made to look like a USB port for the woman, and one piece USB stick costume for the man.

This is a free size costume so you may have to make some alterations. I like the black tunic dress. You can always accessorize it further with your own Halloween Themed Jewelry.

As for the man, he can come in his own jeans and tees. This is excellent for some men who are shy of costumes. He may need some pins to hold the usb stick up. I wonder what happens when he has to go to the washroom. You’ll have to wear it to find out.

Rasta Imposta Usb Port and Stick Couples Costume BUY NOW!

3. The Muppets Couples Costume Miss Piggy & Kermit Adult Bundle – Adults Couple Costume For The Young At Heart

The muppets

If you enjoyed watching the muppets when you are young, you will like this Muppets Couples Costume Set.

Parents may also use this Muppets Couples Set together with The Muppets Kids Costume for a family themed Halloween costume for the whole group.

This Adults Couple Halloween Costume set includes 1 Miss Piggy Costume, 1 Kermit the frog costume plus dress, necklace, gloves and wig with ears for Miss Piggy and jacket with attached shirt, 1/2 mask, gloves and shoe covers for Kermit.

Kermit and Miss Piggy are quite well dressed here so it is very nice for a formal Halloween party of gathering.

The Muppets Kermit Costume BUY NOW!

The Muppets Deluxe Miss Piggy Dress Costume BUY NOW!

4. Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume – Couples With Kids Can Dress Their Kids Up In Other Fast Food Costumes

Rasta Imposta Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume BUY NOW!

This Rasta Imposta Bacon and Eggs Couples costume is just right for couples with families. Many couples costumes are rather sexy with very short skirts for the woman. Sometimes this may not be very practical if you are carrying a baby around or chasing after toddlers.

Couples with kids can have their kids dress up in pizza, french fries, coke, hot dog, burger, tomato ketchup or other matching Food Costumes For Kids for a family themed Halloween costume.

5. Scooby Doo – Fred & Daphne Adult Couples Costume Set – A Unique Couples Combination Costume Bundle


Scooby Dooby Doo… here comes Fred and Daphne in matching Halloween gear.

Fred who likes to hang out with Scooby Doo and gang likes to help solve mysteries by setting traps to catch villians. Fred is wearing shirt, pants, neckscarf and wig which are all part of the bundle.

Daphne has red hair and is very fashion conscious. She comes from a wealthy family. In this couples costume set, the Daphne costume includes the wig, scarf, dress and boot tops.

Fred & Daphne are strongly attracted to each other, just like the couple who are wearing this matching Halloween costume.

Rubies Costumes Mens Scooby-Doo Fred Adult Costume BUY NOW!

Scooby Doo Deluxe Daphne Costume BUY NOW!

6. Adult Lock And Key Couple Costume – You Have The Key To My Heart… Or My Dress!

Rasta Imposta Key To My Heart Lock and Key Costume BUY NOW!

This funny adult couples Halloween costume includes both the lock and key as part of a set.

The woman wears the lock while the man wears the key to her heart.

7. M&M Candy Plain & Peanut Couples Costume Set – Here Is Another Couples Costume Set For Mom And Dad

M&M Candy Plain & Peanut Couples Costume Set Adult Standard

This Couples Costume set of M & M wrapper and M & M dress is perfect for mom and dad who can have kids wearing the M&M Candy Child Costume

This couples costume set includes 1 M&M Plain Wrapper Costume and 1 M&M Peanut Wrapper Tank Dress.

9. Cave Stud & Cave Beauty Adult Couples Costume – Sexy Adult Couples Halloween Costume


If you prefer a sexy adults couples costume set, you can go back to the basics and dress up as Caveman with his Cavewoman.

The cave stud and cave beauty costume set includes the toga and straps.

Do note that Caveman Accessories are not included.

Men’s Stone Age Style Cave Stud Costume BUY NOW!

Woman’s Cave Beauty Costume BUY NOW!

10. Lightweight Plug and Socket Couples Costume – Humorous Couples Halloween Costume Set

Rasta Imposta Lightweight Plug and Socket Couples Costume BUY NOW!

Couples looking for a hilarious couples costume set can go for the Rasta Imposta adults plug and socket costume combination.

The adult Plug and Socket costume set includes a socket tunic for the woman and foam plug costume for the man with an elastic waist and a cord attached in the back.

Treat your friends to some outrages fun by showing them how the plug can really “plug into” the socket.

Plus size couples, note that there is a Plug and Socket Plus Size Costumeavailable too.


When buying costumes online….

Always read the fine print to see what is included in the costume so you don’t have to make a last minute rush to buy matching accessories for your costume.

Always read customer reviews if any, to see if others are happy with the costume.

Always try on the costume in advance before the actual day to see if it requires any alteration.

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