Gifts For Kids Who Like To Draw

It is not hard to find a gift for a child who likes to draw. This post shows you 10 fabulous gifts kids who like to draw will love.

Gifts For Kids Who Love To Draw

Do you have an aspiring little artist at home? One who loves to draw, color and paint at every opportunity? Kids who love to draw will love toys that allow them to draw and harness their creativity. This lens features Top 10 Toys For Kids
Who Love To Draw.

They include all sorts of drawing toys from digital drawing and drawing on the mat or easel to drawing on or with special drawing tools for kids and including drawing kits and children’s drawing supplies plus a place to store their works of art when they are done.

Kids who love to draw will love any of the drawing toys, tools and supplies featured on this page. I hope you find one for your child.

Top 10 Gifts For Kids Who Love To Draw

The Easel for 2 is a great way to double the fun without the kids fighting over who should draw on the easel. Kids can choose either to draw with chalk or use the dry erase board or to paint using paints and paper that you clip onto the easel. So many options for kids who love to draw and paint.

The two sided easel for kids is a wonderful gift for a child who loves to draw. The fact that it is a double sided easel makes it easier to share the fun of getting creative among siblings.

The double easel in my home is one of the most used toys in our house. The kids have outgrown using this toy to draw now so we use the dry erase board for our homeschool lesson instead. This drawing toy is very versatile indeed and recommended as a gift for children who love to draw.

Top 2 In Gifts For Kids Who Like To Draw – Crayola Light Designer – A Drawing Tool For Creative Fun

The Crayola Light Designer is a 3-D Drawing tool for kids. The drawings are created from light. Kids can create wonderful images with lights that give amazing effects and animation.

This is an interesting drawing tool for kids minus the mess of ordinary marker pens and one that allows you to save on paper. This drawing toy encourages creativity and the large sized stylus pen is easy for even young kids to handle.

Drawings can be saved and recreated and animated options makes kids drawing move. Good gift for kids who like to draw and children who are naturally creative.

Top 3 In Gifts For Kids Who Like To Draw – Classic Doodler With 2 Stampers – Classic Purple

This Classic Doodler or Drawing board is the most used toy in my house. I remember having one as a child too and loving it. This drawing board is classic and kids can draw and create with them over and over again. We have 4 doodle boards in our house! 1 for each kid, a colored drawing board for sharing and a mini doodle board for travels. It is an good way to encourage creativity.

Our kids love to doodle with their magnetic Doodle boards. I like the stampers that can be used to create additional designs. These days you can buy gender specific doodler boards or magnetic drawing boards for girls or boys.

The doodle board is one of the most classic and fun drawing toy gift for a child who likes drawing. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Top 4 In Gifts For Kids Who Like To Draw – Crayola Trace N Draw Projector

We have one of this type of trace and draw projector in our home too in addition to the double sided easel and our 4 magnetic doodle boards. Can you tell that my kids love to draw?

The trace and draw projector allows you to trace images from slides of images that are projected onto a paper. Once you have traced the image you want, you can then add in your own background and other images to make your picture come to life and to give it a style of your own. You can adjust the size of the images to give you more flexibility with this drawing tool for kids.

Budding and aspiring artists will love this fun drawing tool. You can find many drawing projector toys for kids to draw all sorts of art projects including fashion art, cars, princesses and more.

Excellent Christmas gift for kids who love drawing.

Top 5 In Gifts For Kids Who Like To Draw – American Girl Crafts Desktop Drawing Station

Drawing supplies like this American Girl Crafts Desktop Drawing Station are always a hit with kids who like drawing.

Girls who love to draw will enjoy this gift which will give them hours of fun sketching and just being creative. This drawing kit for girls include fine tip markers, colored pencils, stickers, stencils, designer tape and more, all nicely arranged in a nice desktop drawing station for girls to organize their art supplies.

Girls with an artistic flair will love receiving this art kit as a birthday or Christmas present. It is also portable, making this drawing station nice to use for short trips or for travels to keep little artists occupied.

Top 6 In Gifts For Kids Who Like To Draw – Crayola Ultimate Art Supply Case-Colors May Vary

The Crayola Ultimate Art Supply Case-Colors is the ultimate drawing supply kit for girls and boys who like to draw.

I like how everything from crayons to colored pencils and markers, watercolors and more are included in an easy carry along portable case.

Kids who love to draw, color or create and write their own storybooks will love this drawing supply kit with everything included.

From the reviews of this product it appears that art storage is not the strong point ot this toy. This is after all a portable carry along case for kids to have fun being creative in art and drawing. If it is art storage you are looking for, you could check out this Guidecraft Desk To Easel Art Cart which is amazing but a bit pricey.

I also love this KidKraft Art Table with Drying Rack and Storage which is wonderful for kids who are constantly writing or drawing.

Top 7 In Gifts For Kids Who Like To Draw – Genius Graphic Tablet Bundle with 15 Educational Games (Kids Designer II)

This is the new digital style doodle board for kids. I wish I had one of these drawing tablets for my kids when they were younger.

The Genius Graphic Tablet for kids come with a cordless pen for easy use.

With Kids Designer II, kids can paint, draw, write, use it as a mouse or even play a game. Recommended for kids between 3-8 years, the specially developed game software that comes with the kids drawing tablet helps inspire children to accelerate their learning skills in colors, shape, math, thinking, etc.

Really nice Christmas or Birthday gift for kids who enjoy drawing and creating.

Top 8 In Gifts For Kids Who Like To Draw – Creations by You My Masterpiece – Turn Your Drawing Into A Work of Art

This drawing toy is perfect for aspiring artists. Budding artists can enjoy having their artwork enlarged and framed up with their initials and all using this artwork kit.

This is how it works. Your child’s original artwork is enlarged and placed into a wooden frame or transformed into a museum-style poster of your choice. You submit original artwork or a favorite photo using the postage-paid envelope provided and the finished masterpiece will be returned in just a few weeks.

This is an excellent way to decorate your home or office and your child will feel proud to see his or her artwork on the wall.

This art kit is a good gift for kids who are creative in drawing to continue to encourage their creativity and give them a sense of accomplishment and pride in their artwork.

Top 9 In Gifts For Kids Who Like To Draw – Pictionary Junior

Kids who love to draw will also love playing with games to test their drawing skills. Pictionary does just that! Pictionary Junior is designed for younger kids with the level of words suitable for kids from 7 to 12.

This quick draw board game is fantastic for parties, sleepovers and any gathering of kids so they make good birthday gifts. The birthday boy or girl can enjoy this drawing game with his or her friends and relatives immediately.

Sketch, score and win! The pictionary junior allows younger kids to join in the Pictionary fun with their own junior or child’s version.

Top 10 In Gifts For Kids Who Like To Draw – Alex Toys My Art Expandable File

Storage for kids art, this file is a beautiful and fun way to store kids art. I hardly every throw any of my kids drawings and art away. I keep them in a file and take them out once in a while for my children to see. They love looking at their pieces of art and recalling the fun moments we had creating them.

This expandable art file is a good gift for children who likes to draw. Children who loves to draw often feels proud of their works of art and they love to keep them. This is a good way to show your children that their works of art are important and a good way to encourage them to keep their art away neatly and tidily.

You can include some kids art supplies with this gift to make it more fun.

Dorm Room Ideas For Girls

This post gives you some quick tips and ideas for decorating your dorm room specially for girls only. You can have your dorm ready in the 5 easy steps shown or checklist provided.
Dormitory Survival Kit – Decorative Sign Set for Daughters – Set of 3 BUY NOW!

Dorm Room Ideas For Girls – How To Decorate Your Dorm Room In 5 Easy Steps

Girls, if this is the first time away from home and you don’t know how to decorate your room away from home, your dorm room, then this lens will help you. Parents, if you are sending your child away from home for the first time, this lens has ideas on what to get for your daughter to make her as comfortable as possible in her new dorm room.

This post will show you how to decorate your dorm room in 5 easy steps. You don’ t have to be overwhelmed and lost when you think about decorating your dorm room. Just think about decorating your dorm room area by area and in no time, your dorm room will look like it has been designed by a pro.

Quick Tips On How To Decorate Your Dorm Room

1.Decide on your dorm room bedding – this is your focal point

2. Then focus on your walls and floor. Mix and match items and colors to match your bedding

3. Organize, Organize, Organize

4. Add in some extras, some personal little things that you like

Decorate Your Dorm Room In 5 Easy Steps – Dorm Room Ideas For Girls – Checklist

You may feel overwhelmed when you think of decorating the entire dorm room all at once. So, break up this task and you will be able to think of ideas one at a time working through the checklist.

Break down your dorm room decorating by concentrating on each area separately. Go down this list one by one and decorate each part of your dorm one at a time.

If you prefer, you can click on each step and go directly to the area you want to decorate.

STEP 1: Keep Your Dorm Bed Snug And Cozy While Making It The Focal Point Of Your Dorm Room Decor

Dorm Room Bedding Is The Focal Point Of Your Dorm Room Decor


Your Dorm Bed not only keeps you snug and cozy, it is the focal point of your dorm room. Since a dorm room is quite small, the first thing you see when you enter the dorm is your bed. Your bed can be the focal point for your dorm room decorating. Your dorm bed will also be the one that you will be lying on at the end of a hard day’s work so make it as comfy as you can. Dorm room bedding is the most important decorating item you can get for your dorm room.

Get a good comforter set with the color theme that you want for your dorm room. This will be the focal point for your dorm room. Get comfortable throw cushions and make your dorm bed as cozy as you can. Get striking colors or warm muted colors, it is up to you. Cushions in complementary colors or those in striking bold colors will give your dorm room the look that YOU want. You don’t have to be an interior designer or decorator to do this. Just get a good bedding in your taste and style and then match the rest of your dorm room to that focal point, the dorm bed.

A good option would be to choose a colorful dorm room bedding set. In that way, you will have more colors to work with for the rest of your dorm room.

Step 2: Decorate Your Dorm Walls With Memories From Home Or With Fun Posters, Wall Decals, Calendars Or Writing Boards – Don’t Leave Your Dorm Room Walls Empty

Melannco 12-Opening Collage Frame (Espresso) BUY NOW!

After you have decided on your bedding, the next step would be to tackle your walls. Think of what you like. If you like to be reminded of memories of home, a photo collage would be great.

You can also opt for fun wall decals with sayings or colorful wall decals to match your bedding.

Another idea would be to hang up posters or include organizers or calendars or chalk boards for you to write down reminders and more.

If You Prefer A More Colorful Way To Display Your Photos, Try This

Bundle Monster Wall Deco DIY Paper Photo Frame with Mini Clothespins and Stickers – BUY NOW!

Tip: Remember to get items that can be cleaned easily as you will be doing the cleaning, not mum!

Step 3: Warm And Snug Rugs For Your Dorm Floors Add Texture And Design To Your Dorm Room – Your Dorm Bed Is Cozy With Just The Right Bedding, You Have Decorated

Do More of What Makes You Happy Scatter Rug Floor Mat BUY NOW!

The next step in our 5 step dorm room decorating is to decorate your floor. Yes, you can decorate your floors too with warm, comfortable and cozy rugs or with cute bathroom mats or with a mat that makes a statement like this floor mat with a quote.

Tip: Get a place for verything and keep everything it its place.

Step 4: Dorm Room Organization Is Essential So That Your Little Space Is Not Cluttered And Messy

A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place

A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place Should Be The Motto For Every Small Room. You Can Keep Your Dorm Room Neatly Organized With Organization Kits And Boxes To Keep Everything Neatly Away.

You will need laundry bags, bathroom caddies, personal organizers, shelf organizers, storage boxes, accessory drawers and more. You may also need hanging organizers for your shoes, accessories or clothes.

Honey-Can-Do Back To School Home Organization Kit, Blue BUY NOW!

Step 5: Finally, You Will Need Dorm Room Extras For That Extra Oomph – You Can Really Have Fun With This Part Of Decorating Your Room

Your dorm room has got the right bedding with the style and color you want, you have decorated the walls of your dorm room with pretty pictures from home, you managed to find a cute floor mat to match your style and you’ve got the organizers you need. Now, you can add the final touch like dividing your dorm room between work and play area by using Bead Curtains.

You can add knick knacks and other cute finds for your tables, shelves and then you can relax in your dorm room that feels like home and one that is totally you.

3 ft x 6 ft Bubble Beaded Curtain – Room Divider – Rainbow BUY NOW!

Quick Tip: Room Decals Are The Way To For Easy Decorating That Looks Good And Can Be Changed When You Get Bored Of The Look Or Theme For Your Dorm Room

Leopard Print Heart Wall Decals Cheetah Decoration Sticker for Dorm BUY NOW!

Top 10 Gifts For Grandfather

This post has suggestions for the Top 10 Gifts to buy for Grandfather on his birthday or for Christmas or other celebrations or just because he is Grandfather.

Top 10 GIfts For Grandpa

Grandpas are hard to buy gifts for. Grandmas are easier. Every time I try to search for a gift for grandfathers, all I see are keepsakes photo frames and mugs like the one you see in this picture. That is why I created this lens, to feature the best Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa ideas. If you are searching for a gift for grandpa for Christmas or for grandpa’s birthday, you can get grandpa some of these less uncommon and unique gifts for grandfather.

The Top 10 Gifts For Grandfather below include gifts for all budgets and they are listed in no particular order.

Photo Credit: Grandfather Mug From Amazon

No 1 In Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa – Get Grandfather A Digital Photo Frame So He Can Enjoy Watching Your Family Photos In A Slideshow

Pandigital 10.4-Inch Digital Picture Frame BUY NOW!

This is exactly what I got for my dad (my children’s grandfather) for his 80th birthday this year. We got him a 10″ digital photo frame with 2 GB of internal memory. The newer generation digital frames come with memory so you can actually store your photos in the frame itself without inserting a thumb drive. My father has dementia, has a stoma and is physically disabled. Previously we got him a personalized photo book and he enjoyed looking at the photos. This year, we decided to get the digital photo frame.

We chose 10″ so that it would be bigger and easier for him to view. We decided to go for internal memory and we downloaded all the photos we wanted to give to him so he won’t have to worry about a thing about setting up the frame or inserting thumb drives etc. We even got the kids to play the piano and sing a birthday song then we recorded it and stored it in the digital frame for grandpa to watch.

We also personalized his frame. This is how we did it. Now, digital frames normally come in boring black or white. You can get colorful ones too but we wanted to personalize ours. What we did was to purchase some grandpa theme scrapbook stickers and paste them onto the frame. They turned out so beautiful. Ours was a 3D sticker with gems. I was so lucky to be able to find it on very short notice. We pasted gems and flowers on the side. On the top we added “Happy Memories” and at the bottom of the frame was “Smile” and “Dad”.

You can use this idea too to personalize your digital frames. It is very easy to do and the results are amazing.

These days you can find wireless WIFI enabled digital photo frames or battery operated and chargeable digital frames with remote sensor on and off buttons. All these functions will help grandpa enjoy his digital photo frame without hassle. Just make sure you charge up the batteries for grandpa, set up and download all your pictures and videos and let grandfather enjoy watching your family slide shows instantly.

No 2 In Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa – Get Grandfather A Universal Remote Control To Simplify Things For Grandpa

URC WR7 Universal Remote Control for up to 7 A/V Components with 4 Favorite Channel Buttons BUY NOW!

I am easily confused by all the remote controls in the house. There is one for the TV, one for the internet box, two for the two dvd players we have at home. I’m not a grandmother yet but I would certainly appreciate a universal remote control and so would grandpa.

This would be an excellent Christmas gift or Birthday gift for grandfathers. In fact, this would make a good gift for fathers too or mothers as in my case.

No 3 In Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa – A Tool Kit Is A Good Gift For The Grandpa Who Likes To Fix Everything

Apollo Precision Tools DT9408 53-Piece Household Tool Kit

Have you noticed that many grandpas are good fixers. They can fix anything in the house. For grandfathers who enjoy pottering around the house fixing things, you can get grandpa a tool kit as a gift.

For the DIY grandpa, the more tools the better. If you have a higher budget you can get the best tool kit with lots of household tools which will delight grandpa. Otherwise, a simple tool kit will be just as good. A tool box is another good idea as a gift for grandpa for his birthday or for Christmas.

Apollo Precision Tools DT9408 53-Piece Household Tool Kit BUY NOW!

No 4 In Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa – Low Vision Playing Cards Is A Good Gift For Grandfathers Who Like To Play Cards

If your grandfather likes to play cards or play bridge but he has low or limited vision, then delight him with this set of Low Vision Playing Cards Bundle of 4 Decks.

These cards have extra large numbers and icons. The spades, diamond, heart, and club icons are 3/4 inches tall.

This makes it easier for grandfather to play bridge without having to squint his eyes. Young kids will also enjoy playing these extra large number size playing cards with grandpa.

No 5 In Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa – Give Grandpa A Gift For His Patio Or Garden

Old-Fashioned Solar Lantern BUY NOW!

These decorative solar lights are perfect for grandpa’s patio or garden. They are easy to install with no wiring or electricity required. It would make a very nice piece of decor for grandpa’s garden.

However, do take note that most solar lights are not very bright generally, so these would look great for grandpa’s garden but can’t be used as reading lights.

No 6 In Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa – Put Together A Family Tree Frame With All Your Family Photos As A Gift For Grandfather

Haven Family Tree Metal Collage Frame BUY NOW!

New View Family Tree Metal Collage Frame

Another good gift birthday or Christmas gift for grandfather is a family tree collage.

You can do this family tree collage by collecting all the beautiful photos of your family together with grandpa and placing them in a family tree frame.

Please do not give this gift to grandpa blank without photos for grandfather to insert himself. Make sure, you carefully select photos your grandfather will love to look at, including photos of you and your family and place them in the frames. Don’t forget to include a photo of grandpa and you.

No 7 In Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa – T-Shirt With Funny Saying For Grandpa Are Good Gifts Too

This Is What a Really Cool Grandpa Looks Like Funny T-shirt BUY NOW!

This is What a Really Cool Grandpa Looks Like Funny T-shirt

This Funny T-shirt reads “This is What a Really Cool Grandpa Looks Like”

If you think grandpa is cool, you can get him this t-shirt.or you can search for more funny tshirts for grandpa here with sayings like “I’m not 70, I’m 18 with 52 years of experience” or “Retired but working full time spoiling my grandchildren” and more.

No 8 In Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa – A Special Mug For Grandpa For His Daily Hot Drink

Grandpa Pottery Mug BUY NOW!

I know I said something in the intro about not giving grandpa common gifts like mugs but I couldn’t resist adding this stoneware mug for grandpa.

I think this is a really beautiful mug for grandpa with poem. It says “Grandpa you are loved” on one side and the other side has a short poem that reads “Grandpa, there’s a special place in my heart for you…a place of laughter and fun, hugs and good times, wisdom and memories. My heart is ever grateful to God for giving me you.”

Grandpa can think of you every day when he drinks from this mug, a gift from you to him for grandpa’s birthday or for Christmas.

No 9 In Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa – A Decorative Figurine For Grandpa’s Home Can Be A Gift To Grandpa Too

Well Seasoned by Pavilion Best Grandpa Ever 5-Inch Block Figurine BUY NOW!

Well Seasoned by Pavilion Best Grandpa Ever 5-Inch Block Figurine

Well Seasoned By Pavillion has many such cute figurines and other Grandpa And Grandma Gifts which will make great Christmas Gifts or Birthday gifts for Grandpa.

No 10 In Top 10 Gifts For Grandpa – Give Grandpa A Canvas Wall Art Handprint From The Kids

Pearhead Handprint Wall Art Set, Blue BUY NOW!

Canvas Pink Wall Art Handprint Set

You can give grandpa a DIY canvas wall art of the kids handprints. This is a very nice keepsakes gift for grandfather.

This Canvas Wall Art Handprint Set comes with four colored canvases, white paint and paint tray to create a DIY handprint masterpiece for grandfather which will last for many years. Good Christmas gift or birthday present for grandpa.

I suggest you use Fabric Markers to write in the names of the each family member whose handprint is on the canvas so you won’t forget them in time or you could get them to sign below their handprint to make it look even more personalized and creative.

Hope you find something for good old grandpa from our Top 10 Gifts Ideas For Grandfather Suggestions.

Unique Gift Ideas for Boys – Make Your Own Robot Kit

Robotic Kits are excellent for inquisitive boys. These post features some interesting make your own robot kit as a unique gift idea for a boy.

Great Gift Ideas for Boys for Christmas – Make Your Own Robot Kit

A Make Your Own Robot Kit is perfect for boys who like to know why and how everything works. Homemade robot kits are very educational. They teach Science in a practical and fun way. Boys won’t even know they are learning.

They will make great Christmas Gifts for this holiday season or for a birthday or any other special occasion.

We recently gave our boy a Make Your Own Brush Robot Kit and he loves it. I love it too. My only complaint? I will need to have dozens on these little brush robots to help me scrub my floors clean.

On the right is my own picture of the robot.

Make Your Own Brush Robot – This will make a great gift for the boy who is interested in Science and How Stuff Works

4M Brush Robot BUY NOW!

Christmas came early for my boy this year. He did well in his school examinations so we allowed him to choose one toy at the toy shop. He scorned at all the toys in the shop. “I have outgrown toys mom. They are too childish for me.” he declared.

Then he selected this Robot out of several Make Your Own Robot Kits. Well, actually, I helped him decided because I thought it looked rather adorable and I thought it could help me do some brushing around the house. 😉

The Robot is not that easy to assemble but we did it finally. I helped him to put together most of it. He got to stick on the googly eyes, tighten some screws, bent the wires and fix the brush. That was good enough for him. He was fascinated with the robot.

The robot works on the principle of vibrating motors. I learned a thing about two about the Science of vibration. I also got to explain about circuits and how to make a complete circuit to him and my boy got to insert the batteries in our completed Robot and hit the switch. He carefully inserted the batteries the right way round and was very proud of it.

Older boys will enjoy fixing this on their own. This Make Your Own Brush Robot Kit makes a great educational Christmas gift for younger boys with supervision and older boys to explore.

Doodling Robot Kit

Doodling Robot Science Kit BUY NOW!

We saw this Doodling Robot Kit and I thought it would be great fun for the kids too. Besides learning about Science, they get to have a few laughs too. They can make patterns and get creative by using different colored pens. A very nice gift for boys this Christmas.

Make Your Own Smart Robot – A Smart Robot that moves like it has a brain

4M Smart Robot BUY NOW!

Do you know how one of those iRobot Vacumn Cleaner Cleaners work?

If you don’t, you can get one of this Smart Make Your Own Robot Kit. It works using the same principle as the iRobot smart vacumn cleaner. Why not get the boy a Smart Make Your Own Robot and his mom the smart iRobot Vacumn cleaner? They do make a perfect pair for a Christmas gift for both mother and son.

Transforming Solar Robot – Can’t get enough of transformers?

OWI T3 Transforming Solar Robot Kit BUY NOW!

Now boys can make their own transformer Robots with this Make your own Solar Powered Transforming Robot. Isn’t it cool? It will be a very nice gift for the Transformers fan.

Make Your Own Robotic Dog for Boys

OWI 6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit BUY NOW!

Have you heard of Hasbro’s i-Dog Robotic Music Loving Canine? This robotic dog moves and grooves to the beat with an expressive face and 7 multicolored lights. It will make a really nice Christmas Gift for a boy. Even big boys will love this one as a Christmas gift.

However, I like to make my own Robotic Dog. It doesn’t dance like the i-Dog can but it can transform into an airboat, windmill, and two planes and it is powered on solar powered. Definitely a savings on my pocket for energy draining batteries and it will teach the boy a thing or two about the benefits of solar energy.

Make Your Own Remote Control Arm and Machines

Thames & Kosmos Remote Control Machines BUY NOW!

This Christmas surprise your boy with a Make Your Own Remote Control Machines Set. It will provide hours of fun for the older boy.

For the younger boy, it is best to stick to a simple Make Your Own Robotic Arm Kit.

Make Your Own Robotic Insects and Other Unusual Make Your Own Robotic Kits

OWI – Frightened Grasshopper Kit – Solar Powered BUY NOW!

This one is supposed to be a grasshopper solar powered kit. It looks a little too much like a cockroach so I will give this one a miss. However boys may find this amusing.

You can make just about anything with robotics. These educational kits are great gifts for boys who have “outgrown” little boy toys like mine has.

How To Create Your Own DIY European Charm Bracelet

This post shows you how to craft your own DIY European Charm Bracelet and the beads, charms and bracelet chains you will need.
How To Create Different Styles For Your DIY European Charm Bracelet

Recently I have been on a buying spree on eBay for charms and beads. I have collected quite a few charms and beads and I am going to share with you how I create different looks in minutes with the use of my beads. It is really fun playing with them. My daughter has her own box full of beads to make friendship bracelets with while I have my own collection of beads and charms to play with too.

My personal favorite are colorful bead and dangling charms. I love bling and dangling charms with a theme. However it is not cheap to have a collection of different charm bracelets with different themes. So I personalize my bracelets using colors and a few basic dangling colorful charms.

I’m going to show you pictures of some of my creations and what are the basic items I used to create them so read on.

Note: Photos Of Different Colored Bracelets Are From My Personal Creations And Taken Using My iPad.

European Charm Bracelet Beads – Get A Variety To Create Different Looks

These Are The Basic Beads And Items You Need To Create Several Different Bracelets To Match Your Different Colored Outfits – You Can Reuse These Beads, Charms And Connectors To Create Different Bracelets

Basic Charms And Beads For European Bracelet

You Will Need:

1. A Basic Chain Or Bangle – I am using the snake charm bracelet chain because I like how fluid and feminine it feels.

2. A Basic Dangle Charm – You can use any charm you like. I am using a heart or love charm because it matches with almost anything.

3. Colorful Dangling Charms – You can use other dangle charms in your favorite theme. I am using colorful dangling charms in my creations.

4. Gold Or Silver Beads – You can use gold, silver, metal or grey beads as your basic charm bracelet builder. I am using Tibetan Silver and 925 silver beads. I especially like the Tibetan Silver ones because they are affordable and adds character and depth to my bracelet.

5. One Safety Chain – You will need one safety chain. This item is optional. I used it because I like lots of dangles and hanging stuff on my bracelet.

6. Colorful Crystal Or Glass Beads – This is a must to create the different looks. You can get up to 4 or 6 of each color that you like to build your bracelet.

7. Murano Glass Beads – You can also collect colorful Murano Glass beads in different colors and patterns to make your bracelet one of a kind.

Basic Charms And Beads For European Bracelet

Here Are Some Of The European Charm Bracelets I Created Using The Basic Charms And Beads I Mentioned Earlier – With Clever Use Of Colorful Beads, You Can Create

Orange Charm Bracelet

Red Charm Bracelet

Blue Charm Bracelet

Yellow Charm Bracelet

Pink Charm Bracelet

Matching Orange Charm Dangle Earrings

Blue Charm Dangling Earrings

By Color Or By Theme?

For the purpose of this post, I have created bracelets based on one color themes because they are the easiest to create. However you can do two or three color themes for your bracelets. For example purple and pink, blue and green, yellow and orange. When using dual colors try to put warm colors together with warm ones. Or you can add a dash of black or white to add contrast or go colorful.

Alternatively you can collect themed charms and use those as a base for your bracelet. For example, hair styling theme, animal theme, love theme, mothers theme and a lot more depending on your likes and interests. Collect slowly and be creative and have fun creating your bracelets.

Dangling Charms Add Character And Theme To Your Bracelet – I Love Girly Girly Stuff Like Lipsticks, Handbags, High Heel Shoes Charms

One Optional Item You May Like To Have Is A Charm Bracelet Earring Chain Or A Snake Chain Necklace – You Can Make Matching Earrings And Necklaces For Your Bracelet Like The Ones I Created Above

Here’s everything you need to make the European Bracelets like mine. Snake bracelet chains, stoppers, Murano glass beads, dangling charms, Tibetan silver connectors, trinkets, Rhinestones and more. You can really get creative with these in hand.

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