What To Do When Your Maid Does Not Return From Her Holiday

Kes Maid Lari

‘Kes Maid Lari’. That’s what was stamped on the Immigration Form when I went to cancel my maid’s work permit. You see, she had not returned from her trip back to her hometown. This post is about what I had to do when my maid did not return from her hometown. Hopefully, this will help those who want to know what to do when your maid does not return from her holiday.

My maid had just renewed her contract with us and we had spent a considerable time, effort and money to renew her passport and extend her work permit. She went home for a holiday in July for 3 weeks and returned to start her new contract for the 5th year with us.

Then one day in October, we received an sms from her family to inform her that her father had passed away. We quickly arranged for her to withdraw some money and purchased an airline ticket for her to return home the next day. We sent her to the airport ourselves.

She said that she would need about 3 weeks to settle the arrangements at home. She was not sure exactly how long it would take but she does not think that she will stay back for the 40th day prayers. Since she was unsure of how long she will need, we purchased her a one way ticket and reminded her to withdraw enough money to buy a ticket to return here. We also told her to sms us as soon as she arrived at her hometown as we were worried about her.

She never did contact us when she arrived home. We waited 3 weeks and then we sms her sister to find out what was happening. Her sister informed us that she was sick and they needed money to send her to hospital. We told her sister that she had withdrawn some money to take home and asked what was wrong with her. Immediately she replied that she had used up all the money and had no money to come back to work. We knew then that something was not quite right as the sms were about 5 minutes apart, first stating that she was sick and needed to go hospital followed by her using up all the money and had no money to return. We did send messages a few more times after that over the next week or two to ask her to give us a call which she never did.

Sadly, our maid of 4 years whom we had grown rather fond of has just turned out to be yet another statistics, yet another ‘kes maid lari’.

I went to the agent and she informed me that I will have to make a police report. Then I have to bring the police report to the agent and they will proceed to the immigration to have the work permit cancelled. There will be a charge of RM305 for this. As usual, we decided to go to immigration ourselves.

First, we went to the police station to make a report. I had all the information with me, her full name, the time and date she left, her passport number etc. However, I forgot the most important thing! A copy of her passport. The passport is no longer with us of course but the policewoman said a copy of her old passport will do. She allowed us to make a report for RM2 without a copy of the passport. She only took a copy of my husband’s (the employer) I/C. She typed the report on her computer and asked us to check the details. Once we were happy with it, she proceeded to print out 3 copies and asked us to sign on it. She gave two copies to us. 1 was for us, the other was for the Immigration Department.  Note: Always keep a copy of your maid’s passport with you so you won’t have this problem.

Next, we proceeded to the Immigration Department to have our maid’s work permit cancelled. We had heard that we would be fined RM250 (even the agent confirmed it) but we had no choice. Since we had renewed our maid’s work permit, passport and she now had a valid KTKLN card plus a surat cuti from us, she could freely enter the country. We would still be responsible for her as her employers even though she was no longer with us. That is the situation if we do not cancel the work permit.

So, we went to the Immigration to have her work permit cancelled. The first thing that they asked us for was a copy of her flight ticket. (which again, I did not have with me because her flight was arranged in a hurry and I had not bothered to make a copy, I also did not print out a copy from the Air Asia website). We were told that if we had a copy of the flight ticket and if they could check that she really did leave the country, then we did not have to pay the RM250 fine! And all this while, I had the impression that there was no choice. So there was a choice, if we had the documentation to proof that she left the country. I don’t know how the check will be done or how long one has to wait because I didn’t have the airticket. When I asked whether they could check to see whether she really left the country, they informed  us that it could only be done so at Putrajaya.

Since we did not have the flight ticket with us, we were told that we had two options, 1) to pay the RM250 fine or 2) to not pay the fine (however if we did not pay the fine, our name would be blacklisted as employers and we would not be able to employ maids in the future). In the end, we chose to pay the fine.  Of course, we had a third option of going back to print the flight ticket, taking leave another day and waiting another 3 hours and perhaps having to return again another day (as I mentioned, I don’t know what the procedure will be like since we did not do this eventually due to my own oversight of not knowing)

We received a form with the ‘kes maid lari’ on it and that was that. What this means is our maid can now only enter the country as a visitor but not to work and this frees us from any further liability as employers. (Note: Always keep important documents like copies of flight tickets for Immigration Office and Police Department, even if your maid has good relations with you and is just going home for a short holiday. You never know when you will need it.)

Hopefully this post helps someone in a similar situation.

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Maid Did Not Return After Home Leave

My maid went on home leave in July for 3 weeks. She did return after her home leave and continued to work for another 3 months. Then one night about a month ago, her family called to inform her that her father had passed away. We immediately arranged for her to return home. She said she may need about 3 weeks leave. We cried with her, hugged her and asked her to take the time to settle everything that she needed to. We also told her to let us know as soon as she got back so we won’t be worried.

She didn’t do so. 3 weeks later we messaged her but there was no reply. We messaged again to ask what was happening and finally her family replied to inform us that she was sick and they needed to send her to hospital but they had no money. When we asked what was wrong with her, they suddenly turned around and said that she had used up all her money for her father’s funeral and had no money to return.

Sigh. I am not sure what to think. It does appear that she will not be returning after her home leave this time. She still has some belongings here. I guess she does not want them anymore. Perhaps her family wants her to get married and settle down. The last trip when she returned on home leave, she was bethrothed in an arranged engagement.

My maid has worked for us for 4 years. During that time, she has been a good maid. I won’t be getting another maid as I think, I probably can’t find one that can meet her standards. Also, the kids are older one and it is time they learned to help around the house more. I just feel sad that she had to leave this way. After 4 years, it would have been so much better to part with good words and wishes and a gift for keepsakes for her. Now, she has left just like that with no news and without speaking to us or as much as an sms. Sigh.

I still don’t know what happened apart from those few sms. I guess we have to just wait a while first before we have to make a police report and proceed to cancel the work permit and be fined for it, as if it was our fault. Strange ruling this. I have been really busy the last month adjusting to the changes in our routine. I guess there will be no more maid blog posts from me but rather more how to survive without a maid articles instead.

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What To Do If Maid Goes Back For Holiday And What To Do If She Does Not Return

Recently my Indonesian maid went back for a holiday. Before she went back for a holiday, she informed us that her father would like her to return for good. However, she expressed a desire to continue working so she persuaded her father over the phone and her father agreed. Now, we knew that there are many things that are beyond control like family wishes for instance. Sometimes, it is not the father but the spouse’s wishes. So what do we do?

What To Do If Maid Goes Back For Holiday During Mid Term?

If your maid goes back for a holiday during mid term, it is easy, just purchase a return air ticket for her and make sure she applies for a KTKLN card when she returns. You will also need to prepare a surat cuti to show that you are the employer and she will be returning to work for you. The KTKLN card or the Kartu Tenaga Kerja Luar Negeri is required for maids returning to Malaysia to work.

What To Do If Maid Goes Back For Holiday At  The End Of Her Term

This is what happened to us. The process is much more complicated. We had to

  • buy maid insurance to renew her passport
  • renew maid’s passport at the Indonesian Embassy to cover her work permit period
  • renew maid’s work permit at the Immigration Office
  • purchase a return air ticket for her
  • write a surat cuti as proof of employment and to show that she is going back for a holiday
  • give her the above documents plus a copy of her employment contract to facilitate her application for a KTKLN card

We did all of the above knowing that there is a risk that our maid may not return. We told her that we knew there is a chance she will not be able to come back but we will do all these things despite that fact so that the door of opportunity to return will not  be shut but it is okay if she needs to stay back because her family prefers her to do so. We decided to take this risk and pay for all the above expenses despite knowing that she will not come back because we knew that she wanted to continue working. We trusted her but the expenses for that trust is high!

What To Do If Maid Does Not Return From Holiday

In addition to all of the expenses for the above to renew my maid’s work permit plus the time involved in applying for all of the above, we were also aware that if she did not return,

  • we had to make a police report
  • we had to go to the Immigration to fill in a form and pay RM250

The immigration officer informed us that this was necessary because if a maid whose permit has been renewed does not return, you are still responsible for her as an employer.

What To Do If Maid Is Going Back For Good

The immigration officer informed us that if your maid is going back for good, you have to fill a form – a check out memo and show a one way ticket not more than one month of filling out the check out memo.

We took the risk. We sent our maid back for a  holiday knowing that there is a chance she may not return. We are very glad that she did return. In fact, she came back from her one month holiday, fresh and with a new hairstyle and other new bags and clothing. According to her the KTKLN card is easy to apply for. It only took her 30 minutes. She says she has a choice of paying for one year, two, three or four years. Once she has the card, it was easy for her to return, she only had to show the KTKLN card and her passport.

When renewing her passport, the officer at the embassy had shown us a list of addresses where the KTKLN card can be applied for. She went to the one nearest to her hometown. She says the KTKLN card can also be applied at the airport for those who didn’t do so before hand. Some maids were stopped because they did not have one. Before going back home, I had photocopied the following documents for her to apply for her KTKLN card so it was easy according to her.

Documents Required To Apply For KTKLN Card For Maid

The KTKLN card can only be applied by the maid in Indonesia. It cannot be done here, in Malaysia. I photocopied the following documents for my maid.

  • Maid Insurance
  • Return Air Ticket
  • Surat Cuti
  • Kontrak Kerja (Employment Contract)
  • Her Passport 1st, 2nd and last page (with details of new work permit on it)

That was it. Not difficult but maid has to be informed and reminded to do it.

Maid On Holiday

My maid’s on holiday for a month and I am sick for 3 weeks. Perfect timing, just perfect! Sick or not, the housework and cooking had to be done. Boo Hoo.

I realize a few things from her absence.

  1. I hate housework and I don’t enjoy cooking. Hmm…. I wonder how I ended up as a SAHM
  2. I’ve gone full circle from working to a housewife to a so called lady of leisure with a maid and back to housewife. Every one of this stage has its pros and cons.
  3. I’m not afraid of housework and am fully capable of handling my house (although the man thinks the maid is more capable than me) but that was only because I was sick. Heheh.
  4. The man actually enjoys this time. He likes to have me do things for him personally. Even instant noodles tastes better when cooked by his wife. (*rolls eyes*)
  5. It is not possible to guide the kids with schoolwork, do housework and work all at the same time. Kudos off to any supermom who can multitask and do all of it. I can’t.

Well, I need to go off now to iron and cook. So, see you next time.

Fried Shallots And Fried Ikan Bilis

The maid made me these before she left for her holidays. Fried Ikan Bilis and Fried Shallots to flavour my food. Lovely!

Renewing Maid’s Work Permit At Jalan Duta Immigration Office

Jalan Duta Immigration Office

Jalan Duta Immigration Office

Two years ago, we renewed our maid’s work permit at Damansara Town Centre. However, in October 2011, the Damansara Town Centre Immigration Dept moved to Jln Duta.

Where we were pleased with the speed in which the maid’s work permit was issued previously in Damansara Town Centre Immigration Office, at Jalan Duta, we were amazed with the even faster issuance of the maid’s work permit. Kudos to the Immigration Department at Jalan Duta.

We went there during the school holidays. We had just taken the kids to Kidzania where they played non stop till the session closed at 3pm. Right after that, we headed to Jalan Duta Immigration Office. Imagine going to a department at 3.30pm to 4pm. It was so late. Surely, we can’t get everything processed within the same day?

Well, we sat there. Hubby queued up for a number. I took the kids to the washroom. When we returned, hubby was queueing up to pay. He was told to go to another counter to collect the passport with the work permit stamp on it. He walked over to the counter and hey presto! the passport was waiting for him. All done, we were able to return home before the after work jam begins. Amazing isn’t it? Amazing but wonderful. Maybe it’s just my lucky day.

Here are the details for anyone who wants to go to the Jln Duta Immigration Office to renew their maid’s work permit.


State Immigration Kuala Lumpur 

Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN),
No.69,Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
50480 Jalan Duta,
Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-62012423
Fax: 03-62011191

Office Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm (Monday to Friday) with 12:15 to 2:45pm break on Fridays. 

Payment Required for extension of Maid’s Work Permit: RM495.00 payment in cash (up RM50 from previous two years ago when I did it) *Don’t forget to bring your maids new and old passport!

Photos of the new Immigration Office at Jalan Duta can be found here.

Location Map for the Jalan Duta Immigration Office at Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN)

View Larger Map

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