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Maid On Holiday

Maid On Holiday

My maid’s on holiday for a month and I am sick for 3 weeks. Perfect timing, just perfect! Sick or not, the housework and cooking had to be done. Boo Hoo. I realize a few things from her absence. I hate housework and I don’t enjoy cooking. Hmm…. I wonder how I ended up as a SAHM I’ve […]

Renewing Maid’s Work Permit At Jalan Dut

Renewing Maid’s Work Permit At Jalan Duta Immigration Office

Two years ago, we renewed our maid’s work permit at Damansara Town Centre. However, in October 2011, the Damansara Town Centre Immigration Dept moved to Jln Duta. Where we were pleased with the speed in which the maid’s work permit was issued previously in Damansara Town Centre Immigration Office, at Jalan Duta, we were amazed […]

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