Mother’s Day 2011

This morning, when I checked my feed reader, it was full of Mother’s Day posts! There was Mother’s Day 2011, Mother’s Day wishes, 2011 Mother’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day 2011, Mother’s Day celebration. So I guess I shall join the masses and write a post about Mother’s Day. 

In the morning, both the kids woke up and promptly forgot about me as they rushed out to the study room to play computer games. During the rest of the day, I helped them get some revision done for their coming exams. Mother’s Day always falls in May just before the first semester school tests so I guess that this year and every other coming year will probably be spent like this.

However, husband was kind enough to take us out to lunch even though this Mother here claimed that she was on a weekend diet. Well, the dieter ended up eating succulent pork burgers that melt in the mouth with cheese followed by butter cake with ice-cream. Yum. Yum.

As my husband was rushing us out of the house for lunch, the little one said “Why is daddy rushing even on Mother’s Day?” Lol. I had to inform him that if daddy hadn’t rushed we would have to eat in or eat takeout instead. I don’t think he would have minded. He and his sister both are currently so mad about Plants vs Zombies that the would gladly stay home and play all day instead of go out with boring old mummy and daddy. Guarding their house from invading zombies is certainly more interesting to them, for now.

Lunch was a very rushed affair, we rushed out of the house, then did some errands before rushing back as there were some workers on our roof. No they weren’t installing the Infinity Dish, though I wish they were. They were merely fixing the leaks on the roof. I certainly hope they get it fixed, this time! I can’t count how many times workers have been up on my roof.

That reminds me, we had been promising the kids that we will be getting them more TV channels soon. HDTV channels, something like those being offered by Infinity Dish would be excellent. We had better wait till after their exams. Then they can watch and play all day. My daughter quipped “Whatever that we don’t have the time to do now, mummy and daddy will say, let’s do it during the school holidays.” Then school holidays would have come and gone and we would only have done half or less of all the things that we had planned to do. Oops!

So that was how we spent Mother’s Day this year, with workers up on the roof, a quick lunch, revising school work with the kids and no HDTV. 😛

The Work At Home Moms

There are many terms used to describe the word “mom” these days. For example, I am a SAHM or the Stay At Home Mom. There is also the FTWM or the Full Time Working Mom. We’re on both sides of the coin. However, right there in the middle is a space where most people would like to be, a balance between both called the WAHM. That is the Work At Home Moms.

I know so many ladies who have managed to find that space to become a WAHM. Most of them are bloggers whom I have known since I started blogging in 2004. Some of them started selling clothing via the internet, some started sewing and selling handbags, some started online bookshops. Some made cakes and sold them through the web and others sold their beautiful crafts using their blogs. Incredible! So many opportunities. Freelance writing, photography, wedding planning, you name it. Staying at home no longer means being a boring old housewife.

Starting a home business is relatively easy. However, I think what differentiates a good home based business from another is professionalism. Like any other businesses, one must be professional about it. You should be able to market and promote yourself well through good copywriting and other useful promotional materials like good photographs, a website and a blog. You should also have business cards. It is a cheap but very effective and the most basic of all marketing tools. You can easily print a set of 100 custom business cards for less than $11. A business card adds credibility and professionalism to your business.

It is my dream to move away from being a SAHM to become a WAHM one day. I can’t bake or sew, do crafts of take photographs but I can write. I have always loved to write. I hope to become a freelance writer one day. What about you?

How to merge flash (.flv) videos and watch them one after another

I managed to download YouTube videos on my PC for watching offline. However I hated the fact that I could only watch them one at a time on a special .flv or flash video compatible player. Sometimes the videos are as short as 5 minutes. It seems really silly to download and watch a 5 minute video offline.

I searched around for ways to merge the videos together and finally I found an application that not only allows me to merge but it also allows me to convert the video format at the same time. The best part is its free! Now I can piece together the YouTube videos that I like into one long video and watch them offline using my Windows Media Player (and not any specialised flash video player) whenever I am free without interruption ie without the video stalling and buffering every few seconds which is terribly annoying. It is all very well if you have a good and fast internet connection but a terrible waste of time when you have broadband but half the time it is slow as a snail. 🙁

This is what I use.  It is the Free AVI/MPEG/WMA/MP4/FLV Video Joiner from FreeAudioVideoSoft, a video joiner application which allows users to join more than one video file of different formats to one file of a specified format, including AVI, MPEG, MP4, FLV, WMV, FLV etc.  I tried to join a mp4 file and a flv file from YouTube but it didn’t work very well but joining flv videos together is a breeze. All I had to do is download the video joiner then add videos from the video files on my pc and merge them.

Then I can watch the flash video files one after another back to back. I can even join up to an hour full of 5 minute videos if I like.

Hope this was helpful. Happy Watching. 🙂

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How to download and watch YouTube videos on your PC

I love YouTube but I do not love my browser experience. My internet connection is too slow. Sometimes when I try to watch YouTube videos I give up because it takes too long to buffer and play the videos.

Finally, I found the answer. I download the videos to my PC to watch offline. Downloading takes much less time then buffering. I do not know about the legal issues about downloading YouTube videos but common sense tells me that if it is for personal use and not copyright materials it should be fine.

Let me share my “secret”. I am using Cucusoft YouTube Mate free version. It is a downloader, player and converter. The free version only allows you to download and playback but not convert video files. Most YouTube video files are flash videos with the extension .flv so if you want to watch these videos offline, you will need a special .flv player. The thing I like best about this downloader and player is the fact that it allows you to download several files at one go saving a lot of time.

Right. So now I have downloaded the downloader and player, I have another problem. Most .flv videos are short around 5 to 10 minutes. I also cannot watch it on any other player on my pc, like the windows media player for example. My free version does not allow me to convert the video formats. So what next?

Stay tuned. In my next post, I will share with you how I merge and convert the videos so I can watch the flash videos one after another back to back.

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Olympic Fever


The Olympic Fever begins today on the 8th Day of the 8th Month of the year at 8:08:08pm. You know Chinese lah. Everything also must be auspicious. 🙂

I read from my kids McDonald’s newsletter that there are five mascots. They are…

  1. A Fish named Bei Bei
  2. A Panda named Jing Jing
  3. The Olympic Flame Doll called Huan Huan
  4. A Tibetan Antelope named Ying Ying
  5. A Swallow named Ni Ni

Put them all together and they form the words “Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni” (Meaning Beijing Welcomes You). See? I know a little bit of Chinese. I’m not such a banana afterall. 😉

Anyway, I am rather excited to see the opening ceremony tonight. I think the Olympic Games is a good opportunity to expose or teach the kids about the different countries of the world as well as the various types of sports. Unfortunately, I don’t have Astro, so I can only watch a delayed live transmission by RTM 1. What to do? Miser don’t want to pay. Have to watch delayed loh. Hopefully the transmission will be clear and we won’t miss anything.

For those who are interested to know more about the Olympic Mascots, you can check out this : Beijing 2008 Olympics: What are the meanings of the five mascots? Or you can simply enjoy the following YouTube video on The Mascots of the Olympic Games. The background music you hear in the video is a Chinese Folk song called “Mo Li Hua” or “Jasmine Flower”. My girl sings it in kindy. Very nice.

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