Make The Holiday Season Healthy With These Simple Strategies

Although the holiday season is oftentimes full of love and light, it is also the era during which many people overeat, become sedentary, and pack on some serious weight. If this tends to be your usual pattern, know that you can break it this year. To ensure that you can fully enjoy the festive season by maintaining a state of vitality and mental well-being, implement the following wellness optimization techniques:

1. Use Testing Kits.

Because the stress of the holiday season can oftentimes hamper immunity, many people find themselves falling prey to illnesses. However, quickly diagnosing these illnesses can empower you to resolve them so you can get back to loving life. To get a high quality testing kit, you can use the materials found at Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. In addition to providing customers with a high quality HCG combo pregnancy test, the company offers kits for the following:

• Anemia
• Hepatitis
• Diabetes
• Allergy

2. Replace Unhealthy Desserts With Nutritious, Delicious Options.

Another great strategy you should implement to stay healthy during the holidays is to carefully monitor what you eat. Throughout Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, people tend to gorge on nutritionally vacuous foods that are high in fat and sugar. Because this is such a culturally ingrained activity, you may think escaping the pattern is impossible. It is not. In fact, you can enjoy a wide range of delicious foods without suffering from the weight gain and lethargy that unhealthy items induce. For example, individuals who love fatty pasta dishes with sugary sauce can us a spiralizer to create noodles out of fresh zucchini. You can then create a delicious spaghetti sauce out of tomatoes, dates, sundried tomatoes, and whichever herbs and spices you choose.

3. Meditate.

One final health technique you should incorporate during the holiday is meditation. Because the holidays tend to be quite stressful, many people find themselves victimized by negative thinking and wavering mental health. You can prevent this devolution from adversely impacting your well-being by meditating at least ten minutes a day throughout the holiday season.


If you’re serious about maintaining high levels of energy and mental well-being throughout the holiday season, you can get started right now. By using testing kits to identify illnesses, preparing holiday dishes that are delicious and nutritious, and meditating, you’ll likely find that you take your level of wellness to an all-time high!

Free Printable PDF Calendar For September 2015

Our free printable calendar for the month of September 2015 is out on our Parenting Times blog.

This free calendar is for kids and parents for counting down to festivities and school schedules for this month, September 2015. It includes the school holidays in September 2015 as well as Malaysia public holidays for the month of September.

Go here for the download link for this free September 2015 calendar.

Free Printable September 2015 Calendar


First Smartphone For A Teen The Samsung Galaxy J1 Malaysia

Is your teen or preteen hankering you for a first smartphone? Don’t know what to buy?

What’s a good first smartphone for a teen? We decided that it would be The Samsung Galaxy J1

If you are wondering what is the price of the Samsung Galaxy J1 in Malaysia? The price is around RM500.

It has all the basic features of a first smartphone a teen needs. It also has the function of being able to take selfies with a palm gesture instead of hitting the button on the screen which is really a plus point for most teens. You can post any way you want with as many friends you want, hold up the phone and then put your palm out in a stop gesture in front of the phone and the camera automatically snaps a picture without you having to touch the screen physically. This means that you don’t need one of those extendable selfie monopods to take a group selfie. I think this feature alone wins the hearts of most teens and anyone else who likes to take selfies.

Apart from that you get internet access, whatsapp and more. Between Maxis plans and Digi prepaid plans, we chose Digi because we didn’t think our teen would require that much of talk time so we wanted something that would be able to last for a year. She does not have a data plan. Only wifi but that is good enough.

The Samsung Galaxy J1 Specifications

  • Dispsamsung-galaxy-j1-lay : 4.3″
  • CPU : Dual-Core 1.2GHz
  • Memory : 512MB RAM
  • Internal Storage : 4GB ROM
  • Memory Card Slot : up to 128GB
  • Camera : Rear 5MP; Front 2MP
  • Dual SIM

buy now

How Is Cloud Seeding Done?

Cloud Seeding

When you have kids, you have to be prepared to answer their questions all the time. One questions often leads to another. Thank goodness there is the internet, so I can pretend to be a smart, informed mom.

Due to the recent bad air quality, I had to explain to the kids all about the haze. This of course led to me being bombarded by all sorts of questions about the haze and the weather.

Here are some of my kid’s FAQs about the haze.

1. How Is Cloud Seeding Done?

Simple Answer For Kids: An aeroplane drops salt or dry ice over the clouds, then water droplets in the clouds mix with the salt to form rain. Source of answer: Here and here.

2. What is Dry Ice?

Simple Answer For Kids: It Is Solid Carbon Dioxide

3. What Is Carbon Dioxide?

Simple Answer For Kids: It is a type of gas

Apart from this we also talked about the hailstorm in Singapore which led to a discussion about hailstorms, what they are and  how hail is formed.

Being a mom means you are learning all the time. In order to answer these questions from the kids, mommy has to find out the answers first. 😛


Kids And In-App Purchases

Mom With iPad

The rate at which technology is moving is getting faster and with that so are the new challenges moms are faced with and have to handle.

In the not to far away past, kids used to just say “buy” when you bring them to a supermarket. Now, they say “buy”, “upgrade” and “update” all in one breath at home. They used to only want to buy “toys” but now they want to buy “diamonds”, “jewels” and “coins”, “elixirs” and “weapons”, you name it. My son has “cleverly” set up “shop” to “sell” things to his friends.

He draws all sorts of special weapons, space crafts, animals plus food and homes for the animals in his notebook with prices listed for each of them. Then he goes around asking his friends what they want to “buy” and then he happily lists down his “orders”. No money is ever exchanged. It’s just a kids game after all.

To the kids it is all just a game. In the same manner, in-app purchases are just a game to them too. Children must be educated about in-app purchases. Otherwise, to them it is all just a game. In a free game you can buy and sell tokens. In-app purchases is yet another way of obtaining tokens. They don’t “see” or “feel” they money exchanging. The real thing and the play thing becomes a blur so what is real and what is play becomes mixed up.

That is why I don’t support in-app purchases. Not unless it is for a really useful educational site which I know we will be making full use off. Never for games. I make it a point to teach my kids about in-app purchases as Apple calls it or in-app billing as Google Play calls it. I tell them we have to part with real money if we want extra diamonds and stuff for the in-app purchases. We turn in-app purchases off on our iPad. What they have never got, they do not miss. In fact, they become better players as they economize and crack their heads over how to “earn” more money so they can “buy” more stuff for their games.

When we download a new game, they will say “Mom, look this one requires so much real money. That’s terrible isn’t it?” and on their own accord, they click away from the screen that calls out to you to buy the in-app purchases. For those interested off turning on in-app purchases, here is a video tutorial showing  you how to do just that.

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