Rushed! That’s what I have been feeling for the past few years. Seems like I am always rushing around to do something or other. I’m always running after the kids and the man. I literally run after them whenever we go out to the mall.

At home, I’m always rushing too. I’m so rushed, I clean my bathroom as I shower with one foot scrubbing the bathroom floor.

At the moment I’m rushing to edit my content that has been moved from Squidoo to HubPages. After the transfer, many of my images were misplaced, videos missing, and links were stripped. I have edited 116 pages but I still have another 68 to go. Its killer work and not a lot of fun. I just edited about 12 this morning and got bored, that’s why I decided to update this blog instead. Its been too quiet around here for some time.

I’ve been rushing to learn new things too. Baking. Digital Drawing. I’m so pleased I managed to figure out how to use layers in drawings. Yay! That was worth rushing to read, learn and draw at the same time.

The above rushed cartoon is one of my first few digital drawings done by using layers. I’m really happy about that.

Now, its time to go off to rush to do some housework so I can get back to editing. Its also the end of the year so I have to rush to teach the boy his history and Chinese. Have to rush to learn those Chinese chapters from his book so that I can guide him.

Rush! Rush! Rush! That’s the story of my life. What’s yours?

2012 The Battle Of The Christmas Toys – Furby Vs Figit

Furby vs Figit. Furby or Figit Friends? Kids are really spoilt for choice these days.

I personally prefer the new Furby 2012 to Figit . I’ve seen videos of both and I think that Figit has limited play and kids will outgrow or get bored with Figit  faster or more easily. However, having said that, I think that Figit is ideal for very young girls who may just find the new Furby a little odd or frightening even. Figit is also “expandable” because you can purchase other Figit Friends like the Figit Friends Yippits and Figit Friends Newbies to go with the original Figit.

Furby is more like a pet, a real pet. You can’t turn him off. He’ll go to sleep or wake up and talk at his own will. Of course you can wake him up too by patting or tickling his chin etc. He may even get just a tad bit annoying to some. However, I think he will have great appeal to older kids, tweens or pre-teens as well as teenagers who may enjoy the fact that Furby has his own knowledge, which is Furbish. I know my kids will enjoy this part because they are so fond of talking nonsense at home. Sometimes, they like to make their own secret codes and languages before breaking down into giggling fits. They will surely enjoy learning the Furby language from the Furby to English dictionary which is available online. Furby 2012 even has its own free apple iTunes app! Check my Parenting Times blog on Furby 2012 for more details.

Some adults may enjoy Furby too. Some boyfriends may like to give the Furby to their girlfriends and they can both have one each and see how their Furbys interact with each other just for fun. As a cuddle pet of sorts to think of the other when they are not around. In Furbish (which is the language Furby speaks kah may-may u-nye means “I love you”). If only Furby could be trained to say that but like all pets, you probably can’t. Furby will however learn to speak English over time though, according to the manufacturers.

Figit Friends was hot but the new Furby 2012 is the hot toy for this Christmas 2012. Galloping hot behind its heals is FurReal Friend’s Baby Butterscotch, the Hasbro horse. Hasbro seems to have really got it this time around with their lifelike touch sensor toys.

If it’s gadgets you want to get for kids this Christmas 2012, then the battle is between Vtech’s Innotab2 vs Leapfrog’s LeapPad 2 Explorer. Kids are really spoilt by choice this Christmas 2012. Check out my Squidoo lens for the Top 10 Gadget Gifts For Kids including the Innotab2 and LeapPad 2.

Here’s a look at the Figit Friends Video

While, here is an overview of Furby 2012

Watch the FurReal Friend’s Baby Butterscotch Demo. Baby Butterscotch is the smaller and more affordable version of the original Butterscotch which was released in 2006.

Figit or Furby 2012? Which do you think is cuter? Which toy do you think will wit the 2012 Battle of the Christmas Toys? I think it will be Furby for toys. FurReal’s Interactive Pony is a little bit too costly for most. As for gadget toys, I think the winner will be LeapPad 2 or will parents skip the toy tablets all together and go straight for an ipad or Android tablet? Kids are so lucky these days, don’t you think?


Busy With My Self Published Book

Gift Book For Mothers

Gift Book For Mothers


I’m busy with my new self published book. Busy but loving every minute of it.

Let’s see what I have been up to today:

  1. Today I shared the story of how my new book came to be on Squidoo. I wrote How to Self Publish Your Own eBook and Print On Demand Book.
  2. Next, I wrote an Editorial Review of my own book on my Mothering Times Blog. I wrote Gift Book For Mothers on Mother’s Day. Hopefully Google will pick that one up. Strangely, I find it much harder to write a review for my own book than to review someone else’s book.
  3. Then I was busy setting up ads and pages for my book on my various blogs. Not all as I didn’t have the time to do it all.
  4. Elsewhere on Squidoo, I was happy that my Plants Vs Zombies Collectibles was featured on the Squidoo front page. I’m glad I took the time to update those links. It was embarrassingly full of broken links before.
  5. I was also happy that my Easter Egg Toys made it to the 50 Fun Easter Gifts monsterboard on Squidoo while my Easter Bunny Craft Kits was selected and my profile listed as one of the 25 Squidoo’s Craftiest Lensmasters in the 2012 Best of Squidoo Spring and Easter Crafts Showcase plus I made it to the Squidoo Top 40 list for a while again. Yay!
Lastly, hubby and I went to Ikea to purchase some stuff for the house and we were delighted and surprised when the sales person asked us whether we wanted to “pay” for the items using my Credit Card points instead. That was lovely, walking home with some “free” items purchased from our Credit Card points.
Not a bad week. Not a bad week at all. Tomorrow is a public holiday here. I shall take a rest from this furry of activities. Not an actual rest actually as I shall still be very busy, if not more busy, teaching the kids.

Draw Something

Everyone seems to be playing Draw Something. I was quite amused to find that my Parenting Blog has been getting lots of hits from my post Can I Play Draw Something Online? Just take a look at this log which I copied and pasted from the Recent Keyword Activity log from my StatCounter. Between 8.03 to 8.33, there were 10 visitors from people searching for Draw Something Online. That means someone wanted to play Draw Something Online every 3 minutes. 😛

I copied and pasted this log which came with live links but deleted the links in case I get penalised for over linking or something. 😉 In this log you will find the date, the time, where the visitors are coming from, whether google, yahoo or bing etc, the search term as well as the url they visited. Sometimes you see  little numbers after the search term. Those mean whether my blog post is #1 or #4 or etc on google’s first page. It is dynamic so if you do a search right now on google for “Draw Something Online” you may see my post on different spots, sometimes #1, sometimes #3 etc. The little magnifying glass shows details about the visitor and where he or she is coming from.

It’s fun to monitor my stats. My visitors has doubled ever since I wrote the post. Too bad my adsense did not double, if anything it went down. Haha. That just goes to show that more visitors may not always mean more sales.

Do you like to play Draw Something? Which do  you prefer? Draw Something or Angry Birds Space? Go to my post Draw Something Online and Vote in the Poll. At the moment, I have just 10 voters. Aww.. but no worries, the numbers will go up. Have a look at this other poll I did some time ago. There are 788 votes as off today. 🙂

I love polls. I am mad about blogging. I love watching my stats. I love Squidoo. I’m happy to be able to do what I love. 🙂

28 Mar 08:33:37
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28 Mar 08:32:53
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28 Mar 08:30:43
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28 Mar 08:18:30
 english in china’s kintergarten #5
28 Mar 08:11:09
 can you play draw something online?
28 Mar 08:07:42
 draw something online #4
28 Mar 08:03:58
 draw something online

Technology has made me lazy

Technology has made me lazy, not only lazy but confused too. My new toy, my Samsung Galaxy Ace has a Swype technology keyboard. This means, I don’t even have to type. I just use my finger to swype the words, sometimes it even finishes or guesses the words that I want, even if I swype erroneously.

We used to call up friends to chat, but now we sms or write updates on our facebook walls or twitter which limits our words. We don’t have to say much anymore and we can send greeting cards to many in a click.

Then we have the ipads and many other tablet computers and eBook readers. Life has become simpler, paperless and it has made me lazy and confused.

Sometimes, I look at a device and I am not sure whether to tap it, swype it, tilt it or type on it! It takes a momentary moment, a short lapse of time for my brain to figure out how the device is supposed to work. Maybe its just me. My memory is getting worse and worse. I read in a recent research article that onset of memory loss or dementia may start as early as 45 or something to that effect. Perhaps that explains my confusion over the devices that is supposed to make life simpler but is making me lazy and confused instead.

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