Dim Sum In PJ

One of the best things to do on a Sunday morning is to have a lazy late brunch of dim sum.

Dim sum is the best fast food there is. Meals on wheels. Rolled right up to your table for you to choose. Steamed or Fried it is up to you.

That was what we did last Sunday. We had Dim Sum in PJ.

Sim Sum In PJ

 We had our dim sum rolled right up to us. I love to look at all those lovely little delicacies in steaming in their bamboo baskets. Just one look is enough to get my mouth watering.

I’m afraid sometimes, it makes us order more than we can take. Our stomachs can’t take in the feast our eyes tells us to enjoy.

Dim Sum In PJ

 I’m afraid that I also can’t resist the trolley full of deep fried or baked dim sum. Something tells me we will be going there again soon.

Dim Sum In PJ

We had our dim sum in PJ at Yuan Garden Dim Sum House @SS2 PJ. To read more about it check out this Food Blogger. Where and What To Eat Lah.

Family Trip To Aquaria KLCC

During the recent school holidays, we took the kids to Aquaria, KLCC. The last time we went was a few years ago, when the kids were younger. I don’t think the kids remember anything from that visit. We asked them and they could hardly recall. They did remember the souvenir turtle and fish plush toys we bought them though, which has long ago been donated away. So, we made a family trip to Aquaria KLCC again with kids aged 8 and 10 and a domestic helper in tow.

Admission Fees: We took a family package which was RM99 plus they charged RM35 for our domestic helper. I’m glad they allowed my maid to go in on the same fees Malaysian’s with MyKad. That makes sense. I remember when we went to Penang Hill, our maid’s entrance fee cost more than the four of my family member’s entrance ticket fee put together!

Opening Hours are from 11am to 8pm on a weekday and 10.30am to 8am for weekends, public holidays and school holidays with last entry allowed at 7am.

Location of Aquaria KLCC: Kuala Lumpur Convention Complex, Kuala Lumpur City centre.

Contact: Tel +603 2333 1888  Fax +603 2380 0069

Location Map of Aquaria KLCC:

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Now, onto the photos for our family trip to Aquaria KLCC

Colorful fishes at Aquaria KLCC aquarium

The colorful aquariums were located at the end of the short walk through. The kids enjoyed taking pictures of the colorful fishes

I liked the colorful prawns. There were spotted ones and striped ones

Column of fish at Aquaria KLCC

Whooo woooo. It it casper the ghost flying over our heads? No, its just a giant stingray. They look so graceful.

My girl liked this yellow fish

Pretty corals swirling around

Sinister looking shark. I think the fishes have grown in size since the last time we went

Yes, its confirmed. They HAVE grown in size!

It was really exciting to get close to Mr Turtle here. He looks so graceful swimming over our heads.

We bought souvenirs. One of them was a cute little aquarium with fish that could swim in water, powered by magnets and a motor that runs on batteries. It didn’t work! We had to go back the next day to change it. We parked behind, near Mandarin Oriental this time instead of in KLCC.

The highlight of our family trip to Aquaria, KLCC is at the entrance where we were allowed to touch the bamboo shark and see cucumbers. We also got to see a diver feeding the fish. He is brave to swim among the sharks! The children also enjoyed walking in the tunnel and we went through it twice to get our money’s worth to get a different view of the fishes and maximise our enjoyment. The first time, there were a party of kindergarten kids ahead of us. Their oohs and ahhs were so much fun, so we joined in their obvious pleasure. The second time was quieter, kids really know how to have fun. 🙂

Kek Lok Si Temple Penang

I think the best time to visit Kek lok Si Temple Penang is in the evening or night during Chinese New Year. That’s when it’s all lighted up and looks like a fairy land. Of course, you will have to go through a horrendous traffic jam and have difficulty looking for a car park but the magical atmosphere and beauty is worth it. The view is breathtaking.


The best time to go to Kek Lok Si Temple is in the evening just before they turn on the lights. Then you can watch the lights being turned on and the place turn from beautiful to magical like an enchanted palace. The kids love it. Usually we’ll go in the evening then we wait for the lights to be turned on and everyone will go Ooohh and Aaahhh.

This year, being The Year Of The Dragon 2012, there are two dragon lights guarding the gate to the pagoda. This is the Dragon before the lights are turned on.

The Dragon after the lights are turned on turns into a magical fire breathing dragon, well almost.

There are lanterns and lights everywhere at the Kek Lok Si Temple, there are lights within the temple.

There are lights on the trees…..

There are lights on the temple rooftops….


There are lights on the railings and walls of the temple….

Then there is the magnificent and towering 30.3m tall Goddess of Mercy or Guan Yin Statue. You’d have to take an inclined lift to take you further uphill or if you choose to, you can drive up there but walking is better so you get to see everything and  you don’t have to go through the jam.

The gardens are lovely too at the Kek Lok Si Temple

I love this mini tomato plants at the Kek  Lok Si Temple. They were everywhere near the Pagoda. They look like mini mandarin oranges and add to the Chinese New Year atmosphere.

There are pumpkin plants too, hidden at the corner beside the Pagoda of 10,000 Buddhas.

Here is part of the evening crowd waiting for the lights to come on. You can see how these plants were magically transformed once the lights come on in the same picture above but with the lights on the plants.

You also get to see Penang from a bird’s eye view. We got to see fireworks too at various parts of Penang from the top. What a sight to behold.

We enjoyed our visit to the Kek Lok Si Temple. There are car parks at every level of the temple but the best way to see the temple is to park at the lowest level and walk. Mind you, you will have lots of walking to do.

There are 3 main levels to the temple if I am not mistaken. The first level, the ground level is the oldest part. If you walk up that way, you will pass by many souvenir shops, you will pass by a turtle sanctuary. Go higher up and you reach the pagodas. You might have to pay extra to enter the pagoda section but its worth while. Then you take an inclined lift to the highest part of the temple where the Guan Yin statue is. The temple grounds there are lovely with landscaped gardens and a koi fish pond, wishing trees etc. Or you can drive up to any of the levels you want and park your car but of course you’d have to brave the traffic.

Map to Kek Lok Si Temple

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New Penang Hill Railway

We visited Penang Hill during the Chinese New Year. Our family of four plus our maid. I wasn’t very keen to try out the new Penang Hill Railway at first having read of several halts in its services, the rice in the Penang Hill Train Ticket price, the lack of parking space etc. Anyway, the children hadn’t been there before so we decided to brave it out.

The car park was sufficient despite the crowd and the jam. We only had to take a short hike to the train station (from the back of the station as you can see from the picture) amidst a nicely landscaped background and we could see a view of the train going up.

Long Queue for the train tickets, naturally being Chinese New Year and a public holiday. I remembered that our maid’s ticket cost twice more than the train ticket price for our whole family. I can’t remember what we paid now but here is the Penang Hill train ticket price and schedule from the Penang Hill official site.

After queuing for the train ticket, we queue for the train. I wish there were more places to sit and rest while queuing.

The train was stuffed to the max with people till the door could not close. They had to get several people to come out to wait for the next train. I think they should have a counter to count the number of people that a train can accommodate then allow only that amount of people in. We had to waste a lot of time waiting for the door to open and close unsuccessfully before they got a few people to come out.

The hill was steep, the train was fast and the view was beautiful. I guess it made up for the waiting etc.

We took a buggy ride because I was too lazy to walk. It was fun and we had a nice view of the hill and the bungalows and the jungle…..

…..and a view of the whole Penang Island from the hilltop with commentary from the driver but of course I had to pay a fare for my laziness.


Then Ms Lazy had some ice-cream and proceeded to have a drink at this quaint hotel with a nice view and a lovely breeze…..

…. before we made it back down the hill.

I haven’t been up Penang Hill for many years. The last time was on the old funicular train ride with the familiar old red train. So is the new Penang Hill railway and train better? I guess the old train has its charm but the new train ride is smoother. Its rather fast though. I wouldn’t mind if it was a little slower so I could enjoy the view longer. As with regards the price of the ticket, I think they should consider families with maids. Its quite ridiculous to pay a ticket for the maid that cost more than twice the amount for my entire family’s train fare. I like the buggy ride. I enjoyed the view and the cool atmosphere. I wish I was young again so I could go hiking and stay in one of the old bungalows as I did when I was a teen. That about sums up our trip up Penang Hill.

Map to Penang Hill

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