My weight loss journal – Part 3

I was supposed to update this weekly but last Monday when I saw 128 pounds, I didn’t feel like it because it meant that my weight had increased not decreased. Worse still, on the Sunday night that just passed, I saw 130 plus pounds. Bleargh!

Last week I only exercised 3 times instead of 5 times a week. That is not so bad what. During the week I ate like a bird and during the weekends I ate normally. Eh? Like that also can increase ah? Dang! What more should I do. This is so hard. Eat like a bird 5 days a week, eat normally 2 days, exercise 3 times a week is not enough to even maintain my weight!

My metabolism rate must be so slow now. Aging man. Anyway, I forced myself to do my exercise again yesterday despite being so discouraged. What do you know. After the exercise and a visit to the toilet, the reading was 126 plus pounds. Gosh! The crap must have been 4 pounds heavy. Eeeww. This new age digital weighing scales are too darned sensitive.

So here I am after almost a month of trying to lose weight and so far nothing has happened. Will I keep it up? Yesiree I will. I can’t believe how easily the man lost his weight. He just disappeared into thin air and had to cut his belt 2-3 times a few inches each time and he had to have all his work trousers altered. I am so jealous. However, recently his trousers have been feeling tight again, a result of “Ok, so I lost a lot of weight. Now I can relax” and go back to all my old eating habits. Sorry. Not so easy. Losing weight and maintaining it is a long hard process and if anyone says otherwise, they’re either very young or have good genes which we’re not.

Bums of steel

I am now having bums of steel. No, no, they don’t look good and tight like steel. They feel like steel though and my thighs feel like stone. This is after I tried the pilate exercises to errrm tone up the tummy, bum and thighs. Ouch. Ouch.

It is fun to try different exercises though. They target different parts of the body so the other parts get to rest if I rotate them around. I will try anything. Anything that involves, cardio and stretching. I can’t stick to one exercise. I will get so bored to tears!

Anyway, with regular daily (except weekends) exercise, I can feel my stamina improving now. When previously, only 10 minutes gets me panting, now I can do 20 minutes easily. However, I will usually continue till 30 minutes or more. When I am lazy, I stick to 20 minutes.

I am rather lazy to push myself to exercise but the effects is usually worth it. Usually I feel much more relaxed after exercise. After exercise, stretching and cooling down, I will usually have a glass of water and then listen to a piece of relaxing piano music before showering. I like this one. It is First Love by Utada Hikaru. I love it. Let me share it here.

My Weight Loss Journal Part 2

126.6kg. WHAT????? It is 26 October. On 19 October in the first part of my weight loss journal, it was 126.8kg. OUCH! This is hard. Extremely hard. I have been such a good girl too. I controlled my errrmmm desire to eat. I exercise daily during the weekdays for 30-45 minutes sweating it out each time. I even toned down my weekend binging. And I only lost 0.2kg?????? That is hardly a loss as my weight fluctuates during the day. So it hardly counts as a loss. It is a mere fluctuation!

Sobs. This is so hard. Hmmm… it must be that carrot walnut cake hubby brought home. No one will eat it and I do love carrot and walnut……

I won’t give up. If I do, that scale will easily read 132kg in no time. Now, tipping that way of the scale is TOOO EASY. I can do it easily. All I need is indulge a little. Only a little.

Right. Back to work. Back to workouts. I’ll be back with more records of my “progress”. At the moment there is none. 🙁

My weight loss journal

“My weight loss journal”. Wow! Writing that is scary. It is a commitment. A commitment to myself to do the necessary to lose some excess weight.

I just stepped off my digital scale. It says 126.8 pounds That is 57.5kg. Oh gosh. *Groans*. A few years ago, it said 52kg at the gynae office when I was pregnant for the first time. Looks like I still have some way to go if I want to fit into those yellowing clothes in the closet. Hmmm…..

I am eating like a bird again. Well, at least it feels that way to me. 😉 In my attempt not to feel hungry, I bought lots of vegetables and churned up a vegetable salad to snack on. The kids stared at my salad bowl in disgust. SO MUCH VEGETABLES! they exclaimed.  “Uh humm, I said in between munches, vegetables are good for you. You want some?” They both shook their heads in horror and went back to their work. Hmm… I thought that one should lead by example. Does not appear to be working here. Eating loads of vegetables yourself won’t get the kids to eat vegetables too.

When on a diet (for the record, I am not really on a diet, just eating a little less of everything that is all), you can eat as much vegetables as you like without putting on weight to stave off those hunger pangs.

Ok, enough mumbo jumbo, I am going to get MOVING now. After moving and sweating, the digital scale may read 125kg. The digital scale is a marvel. Whether you are wearing jeans or shorts, makes a difference. With or without water weight (after exercise) makes a difference, morning and night makes a difference too. I am usually lighter in the mornings. I like that.

What dance shall I do today? Maybe zumba again. If I repeat it often enough, after a while, I don’t need exercise tapes anymore. I can just put on any music and do those routines I memorised by heart. That is more fun even.

Psst. I do not really eat like a bird. I still enjoy choc bites, curry puffs, fried kuay teow, deep fried foods, curry mee….. just trying to reduce them that is all. Everything in moderation. Cutting them off is too hard and the rebound will be harder so reduction is the way to go… for me at least. It is the same with exercise. I used to have a neighbour who would wake up at 5am to jog. Scary! She was as thin as a stick. I wish I could give her some meat. Everything in moderation. Everything in moderation.

Zumba Fitness

It’s Monday. Time to get back to some exercise after two days off.  This is what I am doing currently. Zumba for Fitness. Yay!

The basic Zumba exercise video that I got from YouTube is not very fantastic in quality but it’s fun. The exercises are divided into several parts, each part being only 5 minutes.  There are 3 zumba videos in all, each one being about 15 minutes. That makes it interesting and fun. Definitely more fun than paddling on the stationary bike or running on a treadmill.

If you want to tone up body parts, this is not for you. However, it is good enough to work up a sweat and speed up your heart rate a little. Any movement is better than being sedentary. It is too easy to lead a sedantary lifestyle.

I would prefer walking outdoors and breath in the fresh air but since it is not feasible, this will do.

On the digital scale, my weight tends to fluctuate between 125 pounds to 130 pounds. That is my current equilibrium. After a week of careful eating and daily exercise, I am now tipping towards the 125 pounds end of my equilibrium. My goal is to tip it further on a decremental 5 pound scale each time. So for now, my initial goal is 120 pounds. That does not seem too far but it is HARD!!! So far it has always been hard for me to breach that 125 pounds barrier.

Putting on 5 pounds is SO EASY! Losing 5 pounds is HARD!!!!!!

RIght, better get on with it then. Anyone want to join in? Give this video a try. See if you can last 45 minutes till the end of the 3rd video?

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