How To Wear A Bib Necklace With Style

How To Wear A Bib Necklace With Style

A Bib Necklace is a grand statement accessory for women. It is bold, colorful and can easily turn your outfit from night to day, from casual to party instantly and effortlessly. It is versatile and exciting. If you have not tried one before, you should.

A Bib Necklace looks tribal, authentic, romantic all at the same time. It can become the highlight of your dress. You won’t need any other accessory with it. Perhaps just a clutch back or a statement cocktail ring to go is enough to make you the talk of the party.

This lens will show you How To Wear A Bib Necklace as well as give you tips on How Not To Wear One. I have drawn an illustration to give you a quick idea but you can read it in more detail in the modules that follow. I hope you enjoy this lens as much as I enjoyed writing it.

What Is A Bib Necklace?

A Bib Necklace is rather like a child’s bib (as the name implies). It is broad based at the chest, sometimes encrusted with jewels, or pearls and beads and precious stones and thin at the back, sometimes tied at the back with a string or cord or made of chain. Prices vary depending on the materials used. Continue reading

Top 10 Eternity Ring Ideas

If you are looking for a romantic gift, then consider an eternity ring for they are the most romantic gift of all being the symbol of everlasting love. All you need to know about eternity rings here.eternity ring

Top 10 Eternity Ring Ideas

Eternity Rings are the most romantic gift of all. It is not so much the cost or type or style of ring that makes it romantic. It is the symbol and what an Eternity Rings represents.

An Eternity Ring represents everlasting and eternal love. Whoever gives the eternal ring to another is simply declaring their love for the person for an eternity. What could be more romantic than that?

This lens will give you the Top 10 Ideas for Eternity Rings. The Ideas are a mix and match of cuts, styles and stones you can use for an eternity ring. Each of the styles or gemstones you can use in an eternity ring will be explained in details. As a bonus, in addition to the Eternity Ring Ideas, you will also find out when you can give an Eternity Ring and the meaning of an Eternity Ring.

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I’ll Be Loving You Forever – That is what an Eternity Ring Means

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