After a week of school holidays spent with the kids, teaching and playing with them, sleeping in and NOT exercising, I became lazy.

I find it so hard to get back into the exercising mood. I lost all my energy and became lethargic. Usually I will do my 30 minutes of exercise each week day, after the girl goes to school and before the boy wakes up to go to kindy. Thats my window of time.

Keeping fit and staying healthy is hard work. Whoever says it isn’t is lying. 😛 Trying to eat healthy foods is boring! Exercising is hard work and requires self discipline. Well, for me anyway. There are those who love to exercise. I don’t fall into those category. I don’t love to exercise. I do it because I have to.  So it requires self discipline to keep up with it.

Watching those Miss Universe 2009 Swimsuit Competition videos on YouTube didn’t get me more motivated. I still feel lethargic. However, I must admit that I did feel a little better after seeing Lizzie Miller as featured on the Sept issue of Glamour magazine, with a fat roll or spare tyre tummy clearly visible.

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