After completing 3 days of antibiotics, I had fever and chills on Saturday and Sunday. Great, just great! Went to see a GP to get more antibiotics, fever and cough medicine.

I am still thinking of whether to go back to the National Respiratory Center for further evaluation. I am afraid of going there. Afraid of having to wait for long periods of time in a roomful of sick people with airborne respiratory sickness.

I am still wondering whether a radiologist had been too gung ho in stating I have active TB since this radiologist sees foreign workers in and out regularly for Fomema testing and wants to err on the cautious side…. the other way.

Should I sue the radiologist for mental anguish or should I kiss him or her profusely for getting me to seek medical intervention early? Sigh. I don’t know which.

The kids are recovering from their cough and cold now but the husband just caught it. We are perpetually caught in this unmerry go round of sickness. Round and round we go. This month alone, the boy has gone to the doctor twice (once was for vaccination), the girl twice, the man once, myself three times plus twice to the dentist. The girl has another upcoming doctor appointment and I have two more dental visits and one other doctor appointment.

$$$$$ flying out through the window almost as fast as virusses and bacterias flying in. 🙁

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5 thoughts on “Fever

  1. MG, i think you need some supplements to strengthen your immune system.

    get well soon.

    If I have TB, I’ll require medication for 6 to 9 months. Supplements would not help much I am afraid. Hope that it is not the case.

  2. oh dear oh dear… really hope that the whole family gets well really soon.

    btw, do you feel lethargic and do you have sore throat? hubby just recovered fr H1N1 and we (including the ENT specialist) initially thought it was normal flu. He too had fever and chills and antibiotic didn’t help. Thought you might wanna be cautious…

    Oh dear. Glad to hear that your hubby has recovered.

  3. Sorry I’ve not been blogging nor reading blogs much recently so did not know about this. How are you doing? Hope that you get it sorted out soon. Take care 🙂

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