Before I delete the sms updates about dad’s progress, I thought I should post it here as a record. I had already deleted some. Here are the rest.

13 Nov 2010 – For 10 days stools leak in pampers 8X a day since d last enema on 4/11 n stomach cramp n anus pain daily fr our FAMILY RECORD. Dr confirm dad has chronic constipation. This am nurses manually “dig out” faeces. Dad to sit on commode daily to pangsai even though pain. He will stop new med tonite, give liquid parafin to soften stool, then next week given enema to clear bowel.

19 Nov – Dr says do not require procedure to stop bleed cos it is reducing. Now prepare n search for matchin blood transfusion in 2 or 3 hors. Bp up from 110/60 at 4pm to 140/90 at 5.05 pm. Dad vital signs good. Sleep 1 hr sessions for 3 times already. Able to chat to brother over the phone.

21 Nov – Dear all, dad transferred to high dependency unit since 4.05am due massive n active bleed. Blood transfusion now. Await dr. Nurses say about 8. Pls come and talk to doc if can. I didn’t sleep at all last night n not sure I can handle d dr.. can come to see dad condition one or two at a time.

22 Nov – Nurses say “better than last nite” they don’t let me go in yet until 10am………..Dr say “one of the d possible causes of bleed” is d ulcer in rectum. Another could b lining of stomach due these few wks stay, many causes he cannot pinpoint. Since no bleed, fr anus since op, possible this issue is addressed. Dr say “pray for best, wait and see these few days” slight bleed in bag is as expected. Hypertension drug will b resumed as it was witheld yesterday. Continue tube feed plus start mouth feed today. Not sure if will be transferred to normal ward today yet………….. Dad  say “durian kueh” when asked what he is thinking. Pain when moved around. My observation is about 1 or 2 nurses rough. Dad say “6 in 10”.

24 Nov- Gd am. Dad slept super well, 1st time he clocked 2+2+3=7 solid hr plus, 1st time in wks. Slept since aunties left 9pm till now…past 24 hr no bleed n still counting bp 140-64……. Dr says dad will no longer be constipated again for life w the colostomy bag… dad refused porridge for lunch even though stopped milk since 12pm. At 2pm we resume milk. Bp at 1pm 150/70. One hypertension drug given, one witheld.

25 Nov – Dad had a good 2+3 hr sleep last night between 11pm till 8am. Enjoyed his yoghurt drink, dhall mixed into his regular belnded fish/egg white porridge… eyes more alert, watched tv……Hv requested if dad can be off oxygen n to check if dad can be taken on “wheelchair ride or ambulate”. Nurse checked, apparently doc has ordered it “dad will be taken round hospital later today as part of his physio. We hv to remind nurses to check his oxygen level…….Latest diet plan for dad is: 3 main meals to be orally fed with added protein drink supp, 2 tea breaks use milk bolus feed plus 9pm to 6am continuous milk pump so no need to disturb his night sleep……..Dad has been taken off intravenous drip, water intake depending on oral, bolus n pump feed. Unable to wean off oxygen yet as oxy level dipped too low n they have resumed oxygen. Changed to softer ripple bed.

26 Nov – Dad’s oxygen on weaning off program. Today 11.30am reduced to 2 litre. Breakfast: few teasp dhall, few teasp peanut soup. Mid morning tea: one marie biscuit mashed in barley. Our oral feed is more like food flavours to lift d spirits… d mashed potato here too hard. We can ta pau frm KFC… lunch. Too sleepy to eat his tofu n egg puding dessert…

29 Nov – Dad slept well 3+3+2 last night 11pm till 7am! 75ml water + 25ml milo + 8 tsp fish n egg white porridge since awoke. Awaiting bath…Dr confirmed he will stop d anti bleed med for tmrw. He requested for stoma nurse fr another ward to assist in colostomy bag management when I related that it took 3 nurses half hr to change bag…..Dad Bp on d low at 2.30pm 90/50. This is without any hypertension drug. Nurses will monitor before decide whether to give, if at all today….3pm bp 110/60.

1 Dec – Dad slept fr 10pm till 6am (short period of wake around 2am). Oxygen 97%, bp 153/67 (use machine at 6am) Drink 1 tin milk w straw at 6am. Spoonfeed himself 10 tbsp porridge n one cup barley at 8am. To shower in bathroom n will take wheelchair ride today….Bp 130/60: oxygen 98%; 36.6 at 10.30am. This am nurses quite slow. Hv to call many times.

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