It is not hard to make someone happy. Giving a true and genuine compliment will surely make someone’s day. So, if you observe somebody doing something right, why not tell them about it? You will be rewarded with a big smile.

The other day, I was queuing up at Mc Donalds to buy lunch for the family. The line was very long. There were only two cashiers. I was observing one of them. He was serving the small boy and his father before me. Although he was very busy, he had a big smile for the boy who was obviously very delighted to order. Then he gave the boy three toys to choose from for his Happy Meal. The boy chose one and smiled. The guy smiled back at him and said “Thank you for ordering, please come again.” Then he looked at the father and said “Anything else?” No customer was too small for him. He thanked the little boy for ordering.

When it came to my turn, he took my order, noted everything in his head, then everything went into the packages in a jiffy, and he turned around and asked for the amount. I gave it to him and said “You are very fast.” He stopped in his momentarily in his tracks obviously surprised but smiled in return.

I think  he deserved a complement. Sometimes the best complements come from a stranger at the most unexpected of times. I shall always remember how an irrate customer thanked me over the phone, asked me how long I was working for the company and said “You are very good. I believe you will go far.”

Why not make someone happy today? If you see someone who deserves a complement, say it. Don’t keep it to yourself. Don’t write it on  your blog. Tell the person and get rewarded with a big smile. 🙂 Happy Tuesday!

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