Rockin' Girl Blogger

I was happy to receive this award from Doris Chua who maintains the Home Office Women Blog amongst others. I love this award! Phhwweet! Phhwweet! Why? Because someone called me a girl at age 41. And not only a girl but a Rockin’ girl. Hahaha. *wipes off tears of laughter joy* Thanks Doris. You made my day.

I’m supposed to pass on this award to five other deserving rockin’ girl bloggers. Now thats tough because all those that have been awarded before this truly rock. But come to think of it maybe its not that tough because I know many other girl bloggers who rock so the tough part is narrowing down the choice to 5.

Ok. Now hold on tight and hang on to your seats for the suspense. The award now goes on to….. *chang chang chang* *drumroll* *TADAA*!

  1. Sasha
  2. Lim Ai Lian
  3. Nonya Penang
  4. Hijack Queen
  5. JenneMede

Errr… can I award more than 5? I certainly have more than 5 more in mind. Lol!

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