The rise of Squid Game has been phenomenal, not only the drama but including all things related to it. From Squid Game Halloween costumes, to Squid Game keychains and alarm clocks, suddenly Squid Game is all around us. Here are some Squid Game Merchandise which are popular and cute. These Squid Game Merchandise make great gifts for birthday, Christmas and other events for both young and old alike.

1. Squid Game Nano Building Blocks Soldiers

This Lego style building blocks are adorable for playing and displaying as cute decor around the house or even office. It comes in a set of 3 and if you are the type which wants to keep the dust out of your display, there’s even a display box you can get in your favourite colour.

Where to buy the Squid Game Nano Building Blocks Soldiers

2. Squid Game Dancing Cactus Singing Plush Toy

For some reason, the dancing cactus plush toy is a hit with many. It will repeat what you say and dance to its own music making it a cute novelty gift for many young and old alike. Now, there is a Squid Game version.

Where to buy the Squid Game dancing cactus plus toy

3. Squid Game phone holder for iPhone 11/12/13

This Squid Game phone holder looks adorable. It comes with a matching fidget pop the bubble pendent. This is another novelty toy that has taken the online world by stop. Everyone just can’t get enough of this fidget toy that goes pop pop pop just like bubble wrap.

Where to buy the Squid Game phone casing

4. Squid Game Dalgona Candy

Not really a merchandise, this game is edible and fun to play in groups. Naturally the Squid Game Dalcona Candy is available in round, square, star and umbrella shapes. You can buy one or a set of four or more. (in case you keep breaking them).

Where to buy the Squid Game Dalgona Candy:

5. Squid Game Costume Jacket

These are great for a Squid Game themed party or event. Which will you choose? No 001 or No. 456? The jacket and matching pants comes in all kinds of sizes from XXS to 4XL so the whole family can have a pair of Squid Game outfit.

Where to buy the Squid Game Costume”

6. Squid Game Stationery Pencil Case

Have a lot of squid game collectibles like squid game pens, squid game keychain and don’t know where to store them? You can store them in this squid game bag or case.

Where to buy the Squid Game themed pencil case:

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